The most important signs of premature birth

The most important signs of premature birth are of concern to all pregnant women, especially in the last months of pregnancy and then the woman starts to imagine the form of her son and see him talking and wondering significantly about the signs of premature birth and confirmed also


Signs of premature birth

  • The occurrence of the fall of the abdomen on the one hand the bottom is considered as the signs of birth, where determines the stability of the fetus in the underside of the uterus in order to recover for labor or birth process, and then feel the need pressure on the bladder and increasing the chance to go to the bathroom during the day and then continue the above dialogue directly before four weeks of birth.
  • The occurrence of the breadth of the area of the cervix in order to prepare for the occurrence of a natural birth do so after the examination when the doctor up to during the examination.
  • Feeling pain in the back area of the hand and down the thighs and it is because the stretching of muscles with some of the asanas multiple to prepare for the occurrence of birth.
  • The occurrence of diarrhea is considered of symptoms that worries a lot of women is considered is healthy because of the relaxation of the intestine in order to prepare for the occurrence of birth.

Signs of uterine contractility

  1. Did not happen not to gain any weight or weight loss in some cases where you find a pregnant woman that she does not thrive in its weight due to the low amount of amniotic fluid.
  2. Feeling very tired and fatigue and this is in the last stage of pregnancy where it appears on the case of exhaustion all the time and the ability to do the.
  3. Not getting enough time to sleep and for hours connected to the feeling of insomnia.
  4. Nervous feeling but you should adjust the breath to prepare for the moment of birth to ensure they pass safely.

Birth marks the last

  • A change in the color of vaginal discharge before birth days of the simple that comes out of the vagina and tend to brown or disappear in blood.
  • The occurrence of the constriction is severe and systematic and is considered one of the important things for the state last.
  • The occurrence of constriction of the sharp in the early States and contractility regularly before birth is considered that an alarm is fake to confirm the occurrence of birth the effective and real.

The signs of the real for the constriction of the uterus

  1. So that if the situation moving, you will feel that contractions be severe on them.
  2. The feeling of pain in the lower back and lower abdomen and feeling of discomfort in the thighs.
  3. The occurrence of the extension of the abdomen during pregnancy as contractions be regular significantly increased in intensity and increases the feeling of pain.
  4. The occurrence of an explosion in a bag of water which confirms that the mandate had become close, especially with the occurrence of extension in the neck of the uterus.
  5. The occurrence people experienced severe or disorder in the body in the last months of pregnancy.
  6. You should contact your doctor immediately if feeling any of the previous symptoms.
  7. You should avoid feeling nervous or irritable nervous system in order to maintain the health and safety of the child and pass this stage smoothly.

We have presented the main signs of premature birth and please follow us to see what’s new and what for women’s health in general.

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