The most important details and information about the analysis of rh typing

Details of the analysis of rh typing and the most important your needs and if the result is positive so that the doctor can take a sample of blood if her blood type -A thought that is normal and good, because faction A does not contain a substance antigenic examination, and in that case, if the father has the antigenic and the mother does not have.

Analysis of rh typing

And that’s not even inherited by the child from the father because of the lack of antigenic Vickers pregnancy my doctor because it does not mix the mother’s blood with the blood of the fetus during the birth process and vice versa would cause time health problems that occur to the mother.

As it must in that case that says a pregnant woman work analysis of the Rh as a result of his positive or negative stop taking the injection after birth, directly and with a maximum of two days in order to prevent antibodies in the woman’s body towards the Latin.

Definition of needle Anti Rh

The needle is antibodies in the woman’s body which helps to reduce the activity of areas of the body and because of that the right preview is to get rid of Latin, which is transferred to the mother where it doesn’t happen any harm to the health of the mother or the fetus.

If the necessary work is done will impact negatively on the life of the second child not the first child of the Vespa occurrence of serious health problems may reach a change occurs fully in his blood due to the occurrence of cirrhosis of the liver due to the activity of areas of the body or can occur deformities and many other serious diseases.

So … think the birth of the first child be with the safety of without problems while it is considered the best so that the work is the analysis to identify the antibodies in the blood to reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of a lot of problems, as it is giving the bus injection based on the treating doctor’s instructions and have it in Week 28 of the pregnancy if the test was negative will be given to the situation right after birth.

The importance of the analysis of the Rh when the transfer of blood

You must be aware of the woman with her blood and determine if the blood type is positive or negative and that in order to reduce the possibility of occurrence of the reverse reaction in the blood or to the occurrence of the activity in the immune system due to blood transfusion is inconsistent with his platoon.

In the event that be Rh negative it is transferred blood to blood from someone who has no antigenic like you, and contrary to the Rh-positive and with the ABO blood group in this case must be compatibility between the person who purifies the blood with which he transfers blood to him.

We have presented the main details of the analysis of rh typing and the most important needs of its own and please follow us to see what’s new and what for women’s health in general.

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