The most important birth marks

أهم علامات الولادة

أهم علامات الولادة

Start birth contractions of the uterus and ending the birth of the child, and contractions in pushing the baby out of the uterus when Labour begins the cervix dilates and pushes the baby out, there are signs of certain other know of the situation she’s about to have a baby, you know the most important signs of the state through this article.

What are the main signs of birth?

The descent of the child to dialogue

The child begins usually in the landing to the aquarium a few weeks before the onset of Labor, usually by two to four weeks, and this happens in the first birth usually, the child becomes in a position to out and his head low, and you may feel the need with severe.

Dilation of the cervix

The cervix begins in the Standby state starts in tension and looseness in the days or weeks leading up to the birth, and tests weekly throughout the pregnancy the doctor can measure and track discrimination.

Feeling balanced and

Feel the need balanced and especially if this is your first pregnancy you may feel some cramping and pain in the lower back and the groin with the approaching birth, and also stretch the muscles and joints in preparation for childbirth.

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The flexibility of the joints

Throughout pregnancy makes hormone relaxin flexible joints in preparation for birth, and after that you know the most important signs of Birth, know also some of the birth marks of the other.

Other signs of states


As is the case with most of the muscles of the body before birth the muscles of the rectum also which cause diarrhea, a symptom of the birth of the spam that may be suffered by the bus at other times during pregnancy.

Stop gaining weight

Often linked to gaining weight at the end of pregnancy and in other cases some of the mothers lose some weight, this is normal and will not affect the child’s weight at birth.

Breaking money

Growing fetus in amniotic fluid is the bag of money there is in the womb, and descent of the water bag may feel the need to involve a lot of money, and after that you know the most important signs of childbirth also know the tips to handle before birth..

Related topics

Tips for pregnant before birth

  • Important to practice meditation exercises before the birth area is considered the Yoga of the more pre-load common, and yoga body to be prepared for childbirth in all situations and that situations keep the dialogue open to facilitate the descent of the child.
  • Massage of the best ways to facilitate the delivery massage regularly helps women to breathe and unclench the muscles, the muscles flexible you more quickly after a contraction during childbirth which makes the link between the contractions a little longer.
  • Think Kegel exercises the most important exercises for pregnant many women avoid medical interventions and to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis by pressure on the vaginal walls tightly.
  • Hydrotherapy is a method of facilitating the birth, in the house when the feeling started the constriction of the states of light is possible to take a long bath to help relax, research suggests that soaking in warm water increases the production of oxytocin which encourages the dialogue to expect more.
  • Possible try to sit in different positions during birth to avoid feeling the pain severe in the afternoon.
  • Can help movement on the state and ease the discomfort, and if the movement was restricted to medical procedures it is possible to try to negotiate with the doctor, and requires that electronic surveillance is the ongoing development of the fetus by placing belts around the mother’s belly and is connected to measure the heart rate.

Now, dear readers and that you know the most important signs of birth at the end of this article we wish you continued health and wellness.

Calculator pregnancy and birth

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