The most important benefits of the liver for adults and children and the most important damage

The elements of the decision

I will offer you today through the website of the pharmacy is so much crucial information about the benefits of liver, this dish, which occupies a very important place on the table of the Arab as one of the months popular foods which are accepted on the addressed to adults and children.

Characterized by the liver, easily cooking and ways of eating them, and enjoy the taste of delicious, all flavorful and strength of the tender easy swallowing and digestion, so they are healthy food for the whole family especially children and the elderly.

Here is more about the benefits of liver, This Meal possible through the following report.

Benefits of eating liver

Think the liver of the animals and birds of cheat meals rich in vitamins and minerals important for the body, this is the opposite of the popular belief that store waste and toxins, it provides all the benefits of a great many of the most important:

– There are in the liver, a large proportion of the vitamins, including : ” a”,” D” and” B-12”, vitamin K, iron, folic acid, copper, zinc, and chromium, which are important elements for the human body.

– Working liver to enhance the performance of the immune system because it rich in vitamins that protect from diseases.

Liver, an essential source of animal protein helps to supply the body with strength and vitality.

– Working liver to treat anemia and stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the body thereby preventing anemia and treating it, because it is rich in folic acid and iron.

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– Eating liver, helps protect the heart from diseases and complications of the presence of the enzyme Q10, which strengthens the heart and blood vessels.

– Think liver, of foods that protect the body from cancer, because they destroy cancer cells and inhibit their proliferation.

Liver, useful for eye health because it is rich in vitamin ” A ” which contains one serving of liver beef on 30,000 IU of this vitamin, so they are an important source of vitamins.

– Help the liver to improve digestion and treat problems of the digestive system, as it works to strengthen the metabolism because it is rich in oil.

Liver is rich in vitamin ” B-12 ” is important to the health of nerves and the nervous system.
Liver, rich in antioxidants and resistance to free radicals that extend the growth and spread of cancer cells.

– Containing liver proteins acids and helps to burn fat and get rid of excess weight which reduces the appetite and gives the feeling of hunger and promotes the feeling of satiety.

Liver, diet is important for athletes, children and the heroes of bodybuilding because they provide the body with enough protein to help build muscle and strengthen the body.

– Think liver meal rich in vitamins, especially selenium, vitamin B 6, and B, A B, A, manganese, phosphorus, making it important to clean the body and stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland.

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أهم فوائد الكبدةThe most important benefits of liver

The benefits of liver for men and women

Think liver the perfect meal to maintain the fertility and health for men and women, and the following benefits:

– Working liver, on the protection of women from anemia during the period of the menstrual cycle, after childbirth, during the postpartum period because it is rich in iron, as it works to increase breast milk.

– Think liver, a perfect food for women in pregnancy because it is rich in iron and vitamins important for the health of the mother, as they contain a large proportion of folic acid is important to protect the fetus from malformations.

Liver is rich in proteins and vitamins important for the health of men, where help to cure impotence and to stimulate the testicles which increases sperm production.

– Help the liver to activate blood circulation and increase blood flow to the members of the body which increases erectile dysfunction.

– Help the liver, increase fertility and stimulate ovulation in ladies.

– Working liver, strengthen the hair follicle and protect it from pressure and embrittlement, as maintain healthy nails and cuticles because it stimulates the production of collagen as it is rich, entitled zinc.

– Contains liver, a large proportion of the calcium and vitamin ” D ” is important for healthy teeth and bones especially for women in menopause.

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فوائد الكبدةBenefits of liver

Damages eating liver

Liver a healthy and beneficial food, but despite the fact that the excessive ingested can cause some damage, including:

– Can cause excessive intake of liver poisoning vitamin ” A ” because they contain a very large percentage of this vitamin which cause damage when over-eating especially for children.
– Eating liver, heavily to increase the proportion of uric acid in the blood which works on the disease of gout.
– Excessive intake of liver, works to raise the proportion of cholesterol in the blood which causes damage to blood vessels and arteries.
– You should eat liver in limited quantities to see my diabetes and high blood pressure because it works on raising the percentage of sugar in the blood and rate of blood pressure when ingested in abundance.

In the end, we suggest that the benefits of the liver important for adults and the kids because they are rich in vitamins and minerals is important and fundamental for the growth of the body muscles, it also helps to prevent anemia and protect the body from diseases, but must be taken in moderation and without extravagance so as not to cause damage to the body.

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