The most common pregnancy symptoms

أعراض الحمل الأكثر شيوعاً

أعراض الحمل الأكثر شيوعاً

Do you wonder if you’re pregnant? To ensure this there must be made tests of pregnancy, but before pregnancy tests there are many symptoms that you’d notice it at this time. We will in this article on the most common pregnancy symptoms and many other information about pregnancy.

Do you show symptoms of pregnancy on all women?

Before talking about the symptoms of the most common pregnancy should answer to the question-are all women the symptoms of pregnancy or not. Every woman is different as well as their experiences in pregnancy, not every woman the same symptoms or even the same symptoms from pregnancy to pregnancy. Also because the early symptoms of pregnancy often are similar to symptoms that you may experience before and during the menstrual cycle immediately, you may not realize you’re pregnant.

The following is a description of some symptoms of early pregnancy the most common, you should know that these symptoms may be caused by other things besides pregnancy, so the fact note, some of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you’re pregnant. The only way to know it for sure is a pregnancy test.

The most common pregnancy symptoms

With the onset of pregnancy show many of the common symptoms, as follows:

The absence of a menstrual cycle

With the beginning of the talk about the most common pregnancy symptoms we’ll talk about the absence of a menstrual cycle. Of the most early pregnancy symptoms pronounced, and more symptoms that drive most women to undertake a pregnancy test. But the absence of menstrual cycle or delayed does not mean the presence of pregnancy only, the possible presence of some disorders of the menstrual cycle, so must be the doctor to indicate the presence of pregnancy or is there a problem to suffer from.

Vaginal bleeding and cramping

After conception the fertilized egg the uterus, and this can cause one of the first signs of pregnancy a spot of Blood Simple and sometimes colic, this is called Bleeding the implant. This happens bleeding six to 12 days of fertilization of the ovum, and the fluctuations of this period fluctuations of the menstrual cycle, so some women think that bleeding the beginning of the menstrual cycle but bleeding and be minor. To the side bleeding women may notice white discharge from the vagina, is it related to thickness of the walls of the vagina, which begins immediately after pregnancy, as increased growth of cells lining the vagina causes the discharge.

It is possible to continue this secretion throughout pregnancy, which is harmless and does not require treatment, but if there is a foul smell or sensation, itching, tell your doctor so he can check if you have a bacterial infection.

Changes of the breast

Changes of the breast is another sign of early pregnancy, where the change levels of the pregnancy hormone quickly after pregnancy. Due to these changes might become her breasts swollen or painful or tight after a week or two weeks, or may feel that they are heavier, have become the areola area a darker shade also.

Other things can cause changes in the breast, but if the changes of the symptoms of early pregnancy, place in mind that it will take several weeks until you get used to hormone levels new.

Related topics

The causes of nausea during pregnancy

Complete talk about the most common pregnancy symptoms we come to talk about the months of the early pregnancy symptoms is nausea. The exact cause of nausea is unknown but it is likely that the pregnancy hormones help in this display, as that the high hormone estrogen also leads to nausea, and aversion to certain foods, smells and increases the sensation of nausea, may occur nausea during pregnancy at any time of the day but it is most common in the morning.

At the end of our article about the most common pregnancy symptoms most of us have been on more of these symptoms in detail, with wishes to carry easy and healthy.

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