The method of installation of orthodontic

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طريقة تركيب تقويم الأسنان

Depends orthodontic modern technology in our era, where many people choose to install calendar; to improve the appearance of their teeth, and draw the shape of their teeth winding, so we will in this article on the method of installation of orthodontic . if you come on the installation of braces, then this article will help you out.

What is orthodontics?

  • Orthodontics is a type of dental treatment used by dentists to assist in the correction of teeth crowded or twisted.
  • According to the American Dental Association, the biting is not natural, or The Shape of the teeth is not natural, become apparent between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, when permanent teeth appear in children.
  • Starts orthodontic treatment , usually between 8 and 14 years, and in some cases, you may think adults also get in on this calendar.
  • Despite the differences of everyone, but most people suffer some pain for a few days when they get braces for the first time, and at the Times that tightens it, then the others suffer only mild pain, disappears within a few hours.

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The method of installation of orthodontic

There are several steps to put braces, here are the most important of these steps:

Thoroughly clean the teeth

  • Before the doctor decides, whether you need a calendar or not, that scans your teeth well; to know what are the parts that must be placed upon the calendar, and any type of types of calendar that would fit your case.
  • Before placing the braces, your teeth should be clean, so the doctor says clean your teeth in various ways, once you clean your teeth and dry them completely, can put the calendar.

The method of installation of orthodontic paste clamps

  • The next step is to paste similar to orthodontics, which are small pieces made of metal or ceramic, which protects the wires in place.
  • Paste these clamps, the doctor puts a small amount of glue in the center of each tooth, then hands the doctor a blue light on your teeth to adjust the glue, usually the glue is harmful, but it is non-toxic.
  • The next step is to put the clamps in the middle of the tooth.

The method of installation of orthodontic wires metallic

  • Connect the clamps, put the orthodontist metal wires around the rear molars.
  • After selecting the wire size is appropriate for your age, says the orthodontist to apply some glue on this wire, and glue the blue light, and then put wires on the teeth.
  • You may feel some torsion or pressure on your teeth, tell the orthodontist if you feel a sense of worry, he can adjust the wires so that they are comfortable.

Put the braces wired

  • Once that is done install clamps metal wire tightly, says the orthodontist put braces wired, it links the metal wire out.
  • Says it through, wrap the elastic band a little about each clip; to install the wire in its place.
  • The rubber straps are the fun part for many people; for they choose the color the have.
  • Says orthodontist after that cut the ends of the bow to make sure it does not touch the gums in the back of your mouth.

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Fitting braces blowjob

Containing arches of the tongue on the same ingredients that are found in traditional bows, but is applied to the back of the teeth instead of front teeth, and may take their position a little longer than conventional clamps, and must be developed by doctors, orthodontists specially trained.

Are orthodontics painful?

The pain you feel may be a while to put it only, because you feel pressure on your teeth when you put it, but it won’t hurt, this also depends on each person, so that the duration of the calendar vary from person to person.

In the end, dear reader, after you know the method of installation of orthodontic .. if you have any queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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