The latest diabetes treatments

أحدث علاجات السكري

أحدث علاجات السكري

Still diabetes a chronic disease can not get rid of them once and for all, but continued research is now trying to prove the opposite, here the latest diabetes treatments that require in the future to eliminate Diabetes Permanently, continue reading to learn more.

A list of the latest diabetes treatments

Can’t take insulin by mouth because the stomach you repeat hormone, this means that the main roads to reach to insulin is insulin injections or an insulin pump, researchers have started to discover new ways, but these new methods require further study before use on a larger scale.

Include possible ways to get insulin in the future as follows:

  • Through the nose or spraying through the mucous membranes.
  • Through patches on the skin.
  • There are also the idea of an artificial pancreas, which is the research level, where it will be used this treatment sensors to monitor blood sugar levels electronically release the amount of insulin required, can be surgeons also transplanted the cells of the pancreas producing insulin of the donor, where the benefit to some people already from the early progress of the country in the processes of cell transplantation Islands.

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The latest signs of diabetes according to research

Researchers said the discovery of compounds new insulin can improve the delivery of insulin for people with diabetes-insulin, was developed and the research team at the University of Melbourne, the Institute of neuroscience and mental health, an alternative to insulin, called eLicense.

The panel accepts that the aglycones can be prevents the formation of fiber (blocks insulin) improves insulin delivery for people who rely on huge pumps, despite the fact that insulin pen or the pump is suitable up to the most cases, however, insulin pumps are still facing a problem, where there is a common problem faced by those who have been equipped with a pump which is clogged in the connecting line of insulin.

Why research proves only that Glencoe does not constitute cirrhosis even in high temperature and concentration, but it is also more stable than serum insulin original; these results can combined to put Glencoe as a candidate, excellent for use in insulin pumps as a means to improve the shelf life of the products of insulin.

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The replacement of cells lost with cell therapy

The latest signs of diabetes also include the replacement of the cells, although cell therapy is still in the very early stages, but it is one of the biggest hopes in the development of the treatment of diabetes, particularly of Type I diabetes has lead to the replacement of insulin-producing cells lost to restore the production of natural insulin and treat patients.

However, it has failed early attempts to cultivate the cells of the pancreas to a great extent, mostly due to immune reactions that reject and destroy the transplanted cells, and that no donors sufficiently to date.

Currently, one of the alternatives most progress comes from the Institute of Diabetes Research in the United States, which is developing a member of miniature engineering is vital, and in 2016, the Institute announced that the first patient in Europe was treated to this approach in the experience of the first phase and the second constant is no longer need insulin treatment.

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The latest signs of diabetes of the first type

In the first type of diabetes is destruction of insulin producing cells gradually by the immune system, and can lead off the process early enough to maintain cells and to provide the treatment; this is the goal of some institutions that run clinical trial of immunotherapy serum to stop Type 1 diabetes by killing the immune cells that destroy the pancreas specifically.

In the early after diagnosis, between 3 to 6 months, it is estimated that about 10% of the insulin producing cells are still alive and produces insulin, the goal of this treatment is to protect the beta cells remaining which can continue to produce insulin.

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Now that you know about the latest diabetes treatments available now, they told us any of these treatments you think it will continue in the future? For further information about diabetes you can consult one of our doctors here.

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