The importance of vitamin D for pregnant

Vitamin D important during pregnancy, which is a food component in particular. Let’s see what are the benefits and potential risks the transfer of this vitamin, and how you can ensure you get a sufficient amount of during pregnancy.

You know the importance of vitamin D for pregnant, let’s get to know the work of this vitamin, and what does it do for the health of the mother or the baby growing in the womb of his mother. In addition to the consequences of deficiency of this vitamin.

أهمية فيتامين د للحامل

What does it do Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is very important for the absorption of calcium, which is the most important element enters in the composition of bone, and during pregnancy, plays this vitamin plays a fundamental role in the formation of the skeletal system structural of the child.

According to the Italian Association of Pediatrics, the lack of vitamin D during pregnancy can alter the natural mechanism to maintain the bones of the mother and the correct configuration for the skeleton of the developing fetus. It can also have negative effects on the child’s teeth, according to the results of a Canadian study conducted in 2014, found that children born of mothers suffering from vitamin D deficiency would be more susceptible to tooth decay.

There is also research stating that getting the right amount of vitamin D during pregnancy will help the protection of some unrest is possible in the pregnancy such as diabetes andpreeclampsia, and also will notice various problems such as low birth weight and reduces the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

However, can not be regarded as the results of the studies are final and there will be a need for new research to understand the potential role of vitamin D in these cases and the importance of vitamin D in the Prevention of diseases.

How to avoid the lack of vitamins during pregnancy?

The main source of vitamin D is not food, in fact, although it is called a vitamin, it actually resembles the hormone. While comes the part of diet, but we wait when we know our bodies to the sun. When you know the skin to sunlight, the body produces vitamin D used by members and hardware then the performance of its functions.

To ensure you get the vitamin D necessary for the body, enough to expose yourself for about 10 – 15 minutes a day, but during pregnancy, it is particularly important to protect yourself adequately, in fact, must not be exposed to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Moreover, even when walking on a beautiful sunny day, it is recommended to protect your facial skin through the use of cream high protection from the sun’s rays to prevent the formation of dark spots on the face.

It might interest you also the best time for sun exposure as Graves and why you need it?

Food sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D2: found in plant foods, primarily in yeast and some fungi and some algae.

Vitamin D3: you can get from foods that be the source of their animal, the best sources are milk and dairy products, beef, egg yolks, cod liver oil and some fatty fish in particular.

Is it good taking supplements of vitamin D during pregnancy?

Typically, the description of the supplements and multivitamins that also contain vitamin D and many other vitamins for pregnant women, in fact, during the nine months of pregnancy, the women need a greater amount of nutrients, in general, they need this quantity in order to maintain our health and the health of her unborn child growing in the womb. However, no analysis of the supplements of course replace the good habits and healthy food and integrated, but they help as the name suggests, for supplementing your diet. My advice is not to rely on supplements for vitamin D to get most of what you need of this vitamin, all you have to do is get out into the fresh air and the exposure of your arms and your face to the sun for at least 15 minutes a day.

For more information about the importance of vitamin D for the pregnant woman and her unborn child and the use of dietary supplements that contain this vitamin, recommend this article on the website of the World Health Organization titled supplementation with vitamin D during pregnancy.

Questions and answers about vitamin D

What is the main role of vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which plays a vital role in the human body. This vitamin has many functions, and its deficiency can lead to many health problems.

Vitamin D is essential for bone growth. His main role in the body is to increase the flow of calcium into the bloodstream. It does this by promoting absorption of calcium from the food we eat. Without vitamin D, not calcium absorption by the body. Therefore, vitamin D as important as calcium for maintaining bone health.

The term osteoporosis to a softness in your bones, often happens because vitamin D deficiency is severe. Definition of osteoporosis in children it causes rickets. This can lead to a decrease or cessation of growth, especially in the bones of the legs and weight-bearing. Osteoporosis in the elderly can lead to fractures.

Includes the treatment of osteoarthritis to provide enough vitamin D to strengthen bones and treat the underlying disorder that may cause this situation.

Vitamin D no other roles in the body. It is used in the repair of many devices as it supports the immune system. Because of the vital functions, can lead to lack of vitamin D to many other health problems. Have increased heart disease andarthritis , diabetes andhigh blood pressure and even cancer, the transfer of vitamin D. In addition, new studies suggest that vitamin D may play a role in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease andParkinson’s disease my.

Pregnant women should, most likely of malnutrition, monitor the levels of vitamin D have closely. It has been proven that women who have low levels of the born children with the density of the bones is low.

What is the amount of vitamin D that you should get?

Must have an adult in the age group between 19 to 50 years 200 IU of vitamin D daily. And supplements of vitamin D are very common for those who suffer from deficiency or be at risk of suffering from osteoporosis.

How do you get vitamin D?

Is the production of vitamin D naturally in the human body when exposed to sunlight. Limited exposure to the company is the main reason for vitamin D when most people. This also depends on season, geographic latitude, time of day, you can get sufficient amount of vitamin D as soon as you get out of the House. On average, provides you with exposure to sunlight for 15 – 20 minutes amount of daily necessary of vitamin D.

The other way to get vitamin D is through your diet. Usually it is the promotion of non-dairy (especially milk products plant) in vitamin D. However, we will not provide you with this product the recommended amount. So, you should include other foods in the diet. Such as mushrooms and fortified cereals, which is considered the most important food sources of vitamin D.

What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin D?

Is lack of exposure to sunlight one of the main reasons for vitamin D deficiency. But how can you tell if you suffer from a lack or deficiency of vitamin D?

Below is a list of three symptoms can help you determine if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency:

1. Bone pain and muscle weakness

Feel adults who suffer from vitamin D deficiency a lot of aches and pains in the bones and muscles of the body. Also, will suffer most from stiffness of the joints andfatigue that reduces the ability to do daily activities as usual.

2. Feeling sad and depressed

If sun exposure – and thus to get vitamin D – improves the level of the hormone serotonin, which the neurotransmitter responsible for lifting your spirits, for this, the lack of vitamin D prevents you from getting a more positive outlook towards life. There are also other symptoms that can help you to determine that your body is suffering from a lack of vitamin D is that you suffer from a lot of infections.

3. Excessive sweating in the head

If you know of your head too much, you can make sure that you suffer from a severe deficiency in vitamin D. You know the head is one of the prominent symptoms associated with the transfer of this vitamin.

Does it affect lifestyle on the level of vitamin D in the body?

Life Style at present is primarily responsible for vitamin D deficiency. I’m sure that in the case of tests, we find that most of the employees in the companies suffer from a lack of this vitamin. As most city dwellers will suffer from it too.

The reason is the long working hours inside the buildings where there are offices which will be a sealed room with the air conditioning industry and without any ventilation of the refreshing rays of the sun. Even some of the staff don’t know even know whether they are in night or day.

In fact, vitamin D is available for free in nature. It is known as the “sunshine vitamin”, as it is produced by the body in response to exposure of the skin to sunlight. We can only get it through exposure to the sun for just 15 minutes a day. In India, for example, be the sun shining through almost 10 months. For this, there would be no need for population supplementation of vitamin D.

You can lead a plant-based diet to a lack of vitamin D?

Is get most of what we need of vitamin D from sunlight, so the effect of the diet be limited in most cases, but not eating some of the foods that contain vitamin D can affect, and therefore those who rely on plants in their diet mainly may suffer from lack of certain vitamins.

After reading the news that supplements are not useful, should I stop taking vitamin supplements (d)?

Read news about common foods and supplements is the way to make you suffer from the problem of the many. Some studies talk about that drink coffee for a week will hurt your body too much, with that millions of people around the world drink coffee excessively every day.

There is one thing that has not changed in relation to vitamin D, is that it is essential for human health and survival. If you don’t get this vitamin, whether through sun exposure or from your diet or from supplements, very and die in the end.

What is the quantity that you need to? This question is very difficult, because you don’t know how much they make your skin from exposure to light solar. But, expect a blood test is not expensive, so that your doctor can call it easily whenever you had a physical routine. Promised to do the test this will become the answer more simply and easily, if the test showed the blood that you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, you should take more of them, and if you suffer from the increase, you must stop taking the supplement.

You can cause deficiency of vitamin (D) depression for pregnant women?

Yes definitely. If you suffer from depression, you may be vitamin D levels are very low, and this may be also responsible for the feeling of strength and the inability to focus and do regular activities.

If you feel sad and depressed, you should get professional help, I suggest you visit a specialist because it can guide you with proper and can diagnose the problem correctly.


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