The importance of the squat exercises for pregnant and the manner of its performance

The elements of the decision

Think squat exercises for pregnant of the most important steps that must be used by the Ms. for a second pregnancy because they have proven their ability to facilitate the process of natural childbirth.

Always doctors emphasize on the importance of exercise for pregnant women especially in the ninth month with the approaching childbirth is considered exercises squat exercises are perfect for this stage.

During the following lines, you can recognize the importance of the squat exercises for pregnant women and perform properly.

The importance of the squat exercises for pregnant

Think squats of the most important exercises that are recommended need to do in the pre-birth they make for the following benefits:

– Assist in facilitating a natural childbirth as they work to facilitate the labor as they work to expand dialogue, thereby reducing the chances of cesarean section.

– Help exercises for the squat to reduce the pain that you feel the need in the pelvis and back during pregnancy.

– You think squats are useful for the treatment of constipation that constitute of the majority of ladies during pregnancy.

– Think squat exercises for pregnant of Exercise useful to keep the agility and suppleness of the body and the situation of overweight.

– Help exercises for the squat rack to take the fetus to the time of natural birth where the head in the direction of the bath mother in preparation for birth.

– Help exercises for the squat to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, which gives the holder the ability to endure the pain of childbirth.

أهمية تمارين القرفصاء للحاملThe importance of the squat exercises for pregnant

Tips to perform the exercise.

Can for training exercise. according to the following tips:

– Must be trained slowly and gradually.
– It is recommended to review the dignity of basing them for protection from falling.
– Start need exercises for 60 seconds the first time then increase the duration of training is three minutes and more with time and materials.
– Must wear gym shoes comfortable while performing squat exercises.
– Prefer the performance of squat exercises on the bed or a foam mattress on the floor.
– Prefer to perform the exercises with the assistance of someone else such as a spouse.
– You must hate having a session of squatting several times during the pregnancy because it is useful experience during this stage to strengthen the pelvic muscles.
– Can help need to sit in a squatting position during childbirth, because this method facilitates the birth and helps the muscles to expand until the fetus easily and help speed childbirth and reduce pain.

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أداء تمارين القرفصاء للحامل وطريقة أدائهاThe performance of squat exercises for pregnant and the manner of its performance

Way to perform squat exercises

You can perform an exercise the squat according to the following steps:

– Stand Case legs apart and then slowly bring in a squatting position.
– Try to situation on the back straight with put her feet firmly on the floor.
– Try to situation on this position for approximately 30 seconds with loss of the hands on the knees.
– Return the need to develop stand up slowly and her knees and on her arms.
– Repeat this exercise at least 5 times a day.

أداء تمارين القرفصاء للحاملThe performance of squat exercises for pregnant

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The performance of the exercise. micro and macro

Is the performance of the exercise. either in whole or in part on the phase through the following steps:

– Use case in this exercise the dignity of a strong and consistent stand in front of him and put her hands on his back.
– You must try the case on the muscles of the shoulders in relax mode with tightening the stomach muscles inside.
– Take the bus squatting position slowly and sit with keeping the back straight.
– Stand the situation in the middle of the road so that it does not reach to put the full squat and continue on this position for 10 seconds.
– Back slowly to put the stand.
– Exercise is repeated several times.
– With repeated exercise can increase the time to put confidence even 15 seconds up to 60 seconds.
– When you find the same situation able to perform the exercise, squat, partial and their stability for 60 seconds, can move to perform the exercise, squat kidney.
– Trace the same steps of the previous exercise but with a complete clear squat fully Where is cut the bottom conditions near the ground up to bring the lady for a few seconds in a comfortable position Credit.

تمارين القرفصاء الجزئية للحاملExercises squat partial to

Think squat exercises for pregnant of exercise is important for the health of the situation where help expand the dialogue and strengthen the muscles, which makes the process of natural childbirth easy and it also helps in maintaining agility and lions and overweight and the mental state to cope and address stress and depression.

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