The height of the semantics of tumors

ارتفاع دلالات الأورام

ارتفاع دلالات الأورام

Have you ever heard of semantics tumors? You know, with us in this article on the causes of Rise of tumor markers the role of tumor markers in the diagnosis of cancerous tumors and early detection of the incidence of these tumors.

What are the implications of tumors?

Is the definition of the semantics of tumors medical as any materials found in the tissue of cancer tumors or secreted by tumor cells or any other cell in the body in response to cancer or certain benign tumors.

Reasons for the rise of tumor markers

Rise of tumor markers in the case of cancer in a certain part of the body, whether the disease is malignant or benign, and provides a high tumor markers some information about the tumor and its nature as follows:

  • Determine the nature of the tumor if it is malignant or benign
  • Placed can it be treated in a certain way
  • Give the perception of a complete tumor response to therapy

Many tumor markers have been allocated and its role in the diagnosis of some cancer tumors, so that some of these signifiers is associated with a specific type of tumors, while others appear with different types of tumors, but is worth noting here that there is no indication of tumors specific to one type of cancer can be unreliable in its diagnosis.

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How to measure the height of the semantics of tumors?

Is to withdraw a sample of body fluids like blood, like or women the source of the paper or what is called a liver biopsy and detection of the presence of tumor markers in the sample using laboratory methods special.

If the sample to determine the response of the tumor to treatment or to determine the probability of his return is to pull the sample through the stages of the different treatment before and after while receiving treatment.

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Types of tumor markers

Different types of tumor markers according to whereabouts in the body are divided into two types of evidence as follows:

The semantics of tumors floating

This directory of in the blood, urine, feces and body fluids are different, and the ratio in the case of cancer and used this guide in identifying the following:

  • Estimating the proportion cured of disease
  • Identify the tumor which was treated and the tumor that appeared after the treatment
  • To determine the degree of disease response to treatment
  • To determine the degree of resistance of the disease to the treatment of the user

The semantics of tumors in tissue

Determines the height of the semantics of tumors own tissue in the tumor tissue itself which is obtained by taking a biopsy of the affected area of the paper uses this type of tumor markers in the following:

  • To diagnose and determine the stage of the tumor
  • Estimate the degree of healing
  • Choosing the right treatment for among the types of treatment of various tumors such as chemotherapy or radiation or surgical.

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The role of tumor markers in the discovery of cancerous tumors

Although the accuracy of height markers in the detection of tumor response to treatment determine the quality and determine the likelihood of a recurrence of an injury disease, but it has not access even now to the specific type of tumor markers that can predict disease incidence of certain cancers without the other or the early detection of this type of diseases or identify people who have a predisposition to cancer. abruptly or without a genetic cause for some cases of tumors in some people.

After that you dear reader on the causes of Rise of tumor markers to know she’s not the only way to detect tumors, but must be the work of some of the X-rays, the other to confirm the incidence of such diseases, and if you have further questions you can consult one of our doctors here

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