The fear of death or thanatophobia: its causes and symptoms and treatment

The fear of death or thanatophobia is some kind of (worry-Anxiety) towards the fear of the death of a particular person or the death of the person himself or the process of dying. Often Benson (the death anxiety-death anxiety).

Death anxiety or fear of the mesh perturbation independent, but he often Baker linked disorders Tania increased anxiety and depression. Include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD
  • Panic disorder and panic attacks
  • Anxiety disorder disease

Choose Althea about the niche (phobia of death), and is a general fear of the cases of the dead, or cases associated with.

In the article di, we will talk about Althea, or death anxiety, or the fear of death, will talk on the symptoms, causes and treatment.

Do you fear of dying a normal thing?

Any human being feared of the unknown. And something unknown and, accordingly, the fear of death feeling normal. But Emet speaking the fear of death to fight the disease?! Never fear da stalking you day and night and you can was your life naturally, here speaks the fear of the situation satisfactory to the named “Althea”.

You’re afraid of the paint is normal for any human being. However, you stop your whole life, so scared of the DA’s disease and Liu relationship.

Usually people adopt the sick Althea Pippin when the anxiety and fear of severe to death.

You are thanatophobia or fear of death?

الخوف من الموت

In the Greek language, the meaning of the word “Thanatos” death and”phobos” meaning fear. Accordingly, it is possible to translate the SHE the fear of death.

The idea that death is inevitable renders a patient person Althea felt with concern and fear severe. As well as feel with:

  • Fear of being away from people going on it.
  • The fear of he offers deals with the death of any person.
  • The fear of it dying and causing people like her come after him.

You can’t concerns De and a part of life and prevent you from you was your life as normal, moving it an hour as “the”.

In extreme cases, concerns possible de prevent you from you was your life naturally or are you doing any activity in your daily life or you even download from your home. It concerns De things can lead to death, increased pollution or you work need dangerous.

Symptoms of the fear of death

الخوف من الموت

Doctors miss Althea as a separate case, but the pit bull classified as a type of phobia.

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the phobia is an anxiety disorder related to a specific situation or a specific location.

The fear of the sale of the fob if you fear da:

  • Paisley almost every time Bev in person in the.
  • Level for more than 6 months.
  • Bemo stop you from exercising your natural life and your relationships.

Other main symptoms of the night as possible with regard to Les the person from the fear of death as follows:

  • Fear or anxiety dime and constant didn’t think about death or the dying process.
  • Panic attacks and can cause dizziness, and, rising, or disorder of the heart rate.
  • Avoid situations that could think about it in the.
  • The feeling of nausea or ache in the belly when thinking about the
  • A general feeling of depression or anxiety.

The fear of the possible leads he feels the isolation and avoids contact with his friends or even family for long periods of time.

Symptoms possible de Teja and throughout a person’s life. It is possible to treat the infected person with concern the moderate of the obsessively not thinking about his death or the death of a loved one, or didn’t have a limit of close les when you are serious disease.

The causes of the fear of death and the types of Althea

الخوف من الموت

Althea is the general fear of death, and in a lot of kinds, their causes, and the back details of the person to the trader.

Phobias are often configured linked to a particular event in the past, even though I’m the one usually with opens the event it was you exactly. Often air Althea linked to tragic got for a little visit to the death of a person, was far Bey too.

Often the violin what Sale is my seriously ill persons from Althea, but it wasn’t a requirement to suffer from disease da you are seriously ill, because Althea linked to more mental disorders.

The fear of death could be different from the person of the crown, which rely on several individual factors. Visit:

  • Age: in a study, you know, used to the year 2017 report that the elderly really let out of the process, while shitting young people the same.
  • Sex: according to a study, you know, caught in 2012, six were more likely than men to fear the death of loved ones and the consequences of their death.

Doctors always perm blend between death anxiety or fear of death and psychic Tania increased, depressive disorders post-traumatic disorders, PTSD and anxiety disorders.

Could be Althea are associated with:

Fob specific

Wearing worried about the array of phobias. Other common cases are the night can cause harm or death, increased weary of spiders and planes and elevations.

Panic disorder

The fear of death Leh a role in a lot of anxiety disorder, visit panic disorder. During a panic attack, it can feel the person’s losing control of himself, and extreme fear of death.

Anxiety disorder disease

Possible to be worried about the linked to ADHD concern the disease. Here, Baker is the person when the fear of the diseases and fears are exaggerated about your health.

Overcome the fear of death

التغلب على الخوف من الموت

In a lot of often as possible to help networks of social support in protecting a person from death anxiety. In Nasa their religious beliefs to reduce her come to terms with the idea of death, with it in people when the fear of death-Bissau.

People when high confidence for good health and the faith that they lived a happy life Baker the possibility they get out of the less than others.

Possible to recommend Dr. person Althea that took treatment of anxiety disorder, or phobias, or any symptom of fear da.

Treatment includes a form of behavioral therapy. Trying treatment paint teach the individual to re-focus his fears and work through them by talking about his fears.

Treatment options worried to death of her.:

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT helps the patient it changes the pattern of his behavior so as to present be behavior new ways of thinking.

Dr. Hisao help you deliver practical solutions to overcome feelings of anxiety. Possible to participate on the development of strategies to allow the person to remain calm and not to fear not to speak or think about.


Been therapy dogs for anxiety and fears with a psychologist or psychotherapist. His doctor is the person in it knows the reasons for his fears, his him in he’s develop strategies to deal with fears of the night to talk to throughout the day.

Hours, talking about anxiety Bissau person he felt he could is controlling his fear.

Exposure therapy

Sale exposure therapy by helping the person to face his fears. Instead of being buried or non-recognition of them, and Peter encourage the person to face his fears.

Higgs the person the processor by exposing the sick person to fight him gradually, in a safe environment, as far as less anxiety reaction, and that person can confront his thoughts and feelings without fear.


If a person doctor Person B interests need mental health specific, to increase the general anxiety disorder (GAD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you might prescribed anti-anxiety medication which Bischoff antidepressant medications.

Hours, not pit bull drug treatment along with psychotherapy, it is mostly what Baker more effective.

Is the true role of possible relieves feelings of panic and tension in the short term, but long term this is not Baker the best solution.

Tactics to relax

تكتيكات الاسترخاء

Of the case to assistant in improving mental health, which Bischoff the ability to overcome anxiety, refrain from alcohol and caffeine and sleep well and eat healthy.

Why one person suffers from anxiety, and in some cases can threaten the risk. Visit:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Focus on specific things in the room, increasing the expense of the number of tiles in the room.
  • Meditation

In the other, we say that it is natural to have fears about the future and the future of the people taking them, but if you’re worried about the for more than 6 months, or hindered from the exercise of your natural life., we suggest that you liking doctor immediately. For overcome your fear of death in ways too oh make use, but we’re in Benin and you are available for the nearest psychiatrist to be the It is more than one Higgs directs you and follows during the process.

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