The fastest way to the pain of the tooth

أسرع طريقة لألم الضرس

أسرع طريقة لألم الضرس

Dear reader, the pain of the damage the closet can make you feel a throbbing intense between your teeth and in your gums, there are a lot of people who suffer from sharp pains in the teeth, if you’re of these people, and you suffer from severe pain in your tooth, follow with us reading this article, to learn with us on how to soothe the pain of the damage reflect, and learn with us what is the fastest way to the pain of the toothis?

The fastest way to the pain of the toothache

If you feel severe pain in your teeth, and communicate with your doctor, but your doctor is not available at the current time, you can through this article to know the fastest way to the pain of the tooth, which could reduce the feeling of pain, until it comes time to visit the dentist. There are a lot of natural recipes that you can make and apply on your tooth, to relieve the feeling of your pain quickly, and these natural recipes:

Rinse your mouth with salt water

Considered rinse your mouth with warm water and Anti to it a little salt, the fastest way to the pain of the tooth, you can work a solution consists of 1/2 teaspoon salt food and 8 ounces of warm water, then rinse your mouth with this mobile, so that the file can help in preventing the action of bacteria causing the feeling of pain, the warm water helps you to soothe your tooth. As you can then use the floss gently around the tooth to remove any fragments of food that might be stuck around the tooth.

Pain relievers without prescription

Suggested dentists use acetaminophen for children to ease the pain of toothache, until the excellence of the interview the dentist, as adults, they can use ibuprofen or aspirin, take in mind that aspirin is not put it on the tooth.

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The pressure of something cool

If your face regularly, due to the swelling of the gums surrounding your tooth, you can put a bag of ice on your cheek, which may help to relieve pain, and noted that the presence of this tension may mean that you have been, and this fall can cause a serious infection in the jaw and squeezing the other, there are some signs that might indicate you were serious, including fever and Gums Red.

Anesthetic drugs

You can put anesthetics that contain benzocaine to the tooth factory, but you can not use anesthetic drugs those children less than two years.

The fastest way to the pain of the toothache ice

Can be considered the ice is the fastest way to the pain of the tooth, all you have to do is rub ice between thumb and forefinger for about 7 minutes or until this region becomes a drug, where the researchers believe that ICE stop the pain signals with your brain.

Clove oil

Clove oil is a natural remedy works to numb the pain of the existing tooth, and may be as effective as benzocaine. You can put clove oil with your finger or with a piece of cotton on the tooth that hurts you directly.


The fresh garlic can help you ease the pain of your tooth, you can grind a fresh clove of garlic and then you put directly on the tooth that hurts or chewing the clove of fresh garlic.


The plant toothpaste is planted in all over the world, and this plant is in a lot of products, but it’s not yet clear the relationship between this plant and alleviate the pain of the damage photo.

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Dear reader, after you know the fastest way to the pain of the tooth , if you have more queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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