The fastest way to increase weight in a week only

أسرع طريقة لزيادة الوزن في أسبوع فقط

أسرع طريقة لزيادة الوزن في أسبوع فقط

Many people suffer from underweight and are about the fastest way to increase weight in just a week you know with us in this article on some tips that help you gain weight healthily.

Tips to increase weight in a healthy

Eating large amounts of food may help to increase weight, but you should pay attention to eat foods in a healthy way to ensure weight gain is healthy and these tips are the following:

  • Avoid eating drinks 30 minutes before meals and reduce the intake of a large amount of fluid between meals.
  • Intake of beverages that contain calories such as milk, juice, what juices instead of water, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Eat dried fruits, nuts and honey as they contain fewer calories.
  • Use whole milk and full.
  • Eating meat, chicken, fish, grilled, which contain a high percentage of fat.
  • If you are vegetarian then use soy milk or almond or coconut or rice, butter nut or nuts, olive oil and avocados to add calories.

What is the fastest way to increase weight in a week only?

No one way to increase the weight in week or more or less, it is not linked to time but it depends on more on the dietary pattern of the company the amount of weight you should gain to reach the ideal weight, it also depends on the person’s health status and the body’s digestion and fat storage.

There are some advertisers who see some extracts that contain nutritional supplements can help on the acquisition of imaginary numbers of ozone in a short time, but unfortunately these products are not also shared about a lot of these products may be Unknown or contains hormones which cause a lot of health problems if used without consulting a doctor.

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Recipes to gain weight the right way

More healthy ways that help gain weight is to eat meals daily plus snacks between meals, preferably containing of these diets on the amount of calories more than the daily amount necessary for the body to store calories and gain weight.

We show you in this part of the certain foods that don’t represent Of course the fastest way to increase the weight in just one week but foods contain more calories to help you gain weight the right way and these foods are the following:


Need a cup of rice contains about 200 calories, which is also a good source of carbohydrates which helps in increasing the weight it is possible to add rice to meals that contain proteins and vegetables.

Red meat

Shows that eating red meat helps in building muscle and gaining weight, as containing meat to all of the less creatine, which play an important role in promoting muscle mass.


Can help eating nuts regularly to gain weight where snack nuts and protein and vitamins in abundance.

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Healthy oils

Is adding fat to your food is an easy way to add calories but not the fastest way to increase the weight in just one week but these oils contain more calories like olive oil or canola oil or coconut oil as it is a source of fatty acids omega-3.

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You can make granola at home using whole grains such as oatmeal, any type of nuts and dry fruits you have available and grind them together and keep them in a bowl and eat it between meals to add more calories.

After that you know that there is something called the fastest way to increase weight in just a week we recommend you follow the previous tips and eat foods that we have mentioned daily and gain more weight with exercise, with my best wishes for you good health.

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