The fast of Ramadan and SK .. do fasting cause infection with the virus?

صيام رمضان وفيروس كورونا

صيام رمضان وفيروس كورونا

The month of Ramadan for the year 2020 will have exceptional circumstances because of the epidemic of MERS-CoV, which hit our world since December of 2019, and with the controversy raised about the possibility of the fast of Ramadan and Corona now in this period, and the necessity of drinking water for the Prevention of the virus, we will remember what you mentioned health institutions about this until the moment of this writing.

What is the novel coronavirus is?

Is a new strain of the virus family of Corona that had found its way to us through SARS and mercy, and MERS-CoV coronary emerging from China scientifically called COVID-19, A of viruses that infect the respiratory tract and cause symptoms ranging from minor to serious.

After the virus spread to all states of the world almost with the increasing number of injuries and deaths, the World Health Organization announced that MERS-CoV reached (pandemic), especially with the ability of the terrible virus to spread from person to person easily.

Important information: these are ways of spread of MERS-CoV and how to reduce them.

The fast of Ramadan and SK .. do you fasting increases the risk of the virus?

Well here the controversy raised about the possibility of fasting at the time of the koruna, especially with the proliferation of chatter about the role of drinking water in the Prevention of the virus and the necessity of keeping the mouth moist and not HIV infection.

According to the World Health Organization, there is no scientific evidence that drinking water a lot of water or even every 15 minutes, say in a corona virus as it flows its mission in various media.

The World Health Organization in its publication on its official website also, that drinking water generally is important to prevent dehydration and maintain the hydration, but did not mention that no specific benefit in relation to MERS-CoV.

So until now I didn’t believe the World Health Organisation or any health institutions known to any statement regarding the effect of fasting on health in the shadow of MERS-CoV so far.

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The benefits of fasting

Health benefits different body, not just limited to the spiritual fasting, but physically also, one of the most important benefits of fasting:

  • Helps to weight loss.
  • Helps comfort the digestive system.
  • Improving brain function.

You can learn more about the benefits of fasting, and what are the cases that must not be fasting through compared the benefits and harms of fasting.

How do I protect myself from the virus Corona?

According to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and centers of disease prevention and control of America, protection from corona virus basically depends on attention to personal hygiene and follow the tips the next task.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after your dealings with any person, or touching surfaces or out of the House.
  • In the case of non-availability of water and soap use sterile which contains ethyl alcohol 70%.
  • Use tissues when you sneeze, cough, and take them immediately, but in the case there is no tissue, use elbow for.
  • Avoid gatherings or borrow from people with suspected.
  • Commitment to the instructions of the insulation self-released in my country.

Symptoms of the corona virus which you should pay attention not

There are some symptoms that you should pay attention to in case their appearance, especially that the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the symptoms of flu, cold, and in general the most prominent symptoms of MERS-CoV are:

  • Cough dry
  • The height of the tractor.
  • Breathlessness breaths short.

You can learn more about MERS-CoV , and what should be done in case of suspected symptoms.

In the end, you should consult with your doctor in case you suffer from a certain pathological condition, or any health condition that may be affected by fasting or adhere to the intake of certain medicines in the dates given to the possibility of drafting you of not and times most suitable for you to take medications.

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