The effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively

Despite the efforts of Public Health, the smoking is the single biggest cause of diseases and deaths that can be prevented. Smoking is bad for health and general appearance of the man. So let’s learn together on the effects of smoking on women’s health and beauty issues and how to prevent it.

The effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively

Maybe there is no fountain of perpetual youth, the but there is a surefire way to make women look older. Smoking changes the skin teeth and hair in ways that can add years to your appearance. It also affects everything from fertility and even the power of the heart, lungs, and bones. So follow with us the effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively

The effects of smoking on women’s health

  • Smoking affects every organ in the body, including the heart. So it works on smoking narrow the arteries that carry blood to the heart over time.
  • Continue blogging for a longer time during pregnancy and childbirth for a healthy baby. Where been linked to cigarettes fertility problems. Smoking during pregnancy raises the chances of abortion or premature birth or the birth of a baby of low weight.
  • Smokers are more susceptible to disease cancer of the lung and mouth.
  • Smoking causes injury to cataracts with age. Are they suitable cloudy on the lens of the eye prevents light from reaching the retina, causing serious problems in vision.
  • Yellow teeth are one of the most bad effects of smoking on the long term, but the dental damage doesn’t stop there, where he distinguishes the people who smoke to infection with the periodontal disease and bad breath persistent and other problems in oral health.

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The effects of smoking on women’s beauty

  • Damage to wholesale puffy under eyes when smokers, they are one of several visible signs of harm aesthetic appearance.
  • Face looks some blogging pale face of the other color that is not equal, due to the depriving the skin of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Can lead to smoking that look women at an older age than their real age, due to that there are more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, and many of them lead to the destruction of collagen andelse. These are the fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. Consequences include sagging skin and deep wrinkles.
  • Smoking does not only hurt the appearance of your face, and it leads to sagging of the breast and arms.
  • The appearance of spots on the face with deep lines around the mouth.
  • Smoking causes psoriasis is a chronic condition caused often scaly patches on the skin, usually on knees or elbows or scalp or hands or feet or back. The patches may be white red or silver.

How to prevent the effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively

The effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively in very difficult, as it may cause him a lot of psychological problems and lack of self-confidence and to avoid this you should follow these tips:

  • You must quit smoking as it can improve your appearance. With the improvement of blood flow, you receive your skin more oxygen and nutrients. This can behelped you to develop healthier looking skin.
  • Preferably, the time to quit smoking increased with the end of your menstrual cycle, where they aggravate the symptoms of withdrawal, and such as irritability and depression.
  • I don’t prefer to follow any diet during quitting smoking, the range of double of deprivation more difficult to get rid of smoking. Instead, focus on eating three healthy meals a day and snacks.
  • Women’s support of a spouse or friends, women depend more than men on social relations.
  • Try the treatment nicotine replacement (NRT), The such as nicotine patches, gum or nasal spray.
  • Regularity in exercise where it is not only limited to avoid nicotine cravings, but also burn off the extra calories.
  • Follow your doctor about assistance to stop the prescriptions. Where do you think drugs like Zyban and Wellbutrin anti depression that prevent nicotine cravings.

We hope that we provided sufficient information about the effects of smoking on women’s health and collectively, so honey is important to follow the methods of prevention of smoking and follow your doctor. If you have any queries you can consult a doctor from here.

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