The discovery of diabetes the role of analysis and ways to prevent it

The elements of the decision

We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the how the discovery of sugar without analysis, but sugar is considered one of the most ailments prevalent among people all over the world, and our definition of diabetes it is a injury of the pancreas in some disorders, a garden bug, thus it affects the secretion of the hormone insulin, regular and normal, it follows that increasing the level of sugar in blood and thus injury of diabetes, diabetes disease affects all age groups it is not dedicated to a particular category as this disease is linked to many other factors such as genetic factors, Or the increase in weight in addition to some of the diseases of the glands as well as liver, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore the types of sugar and how it can be detected without analysis of N plus ways to prevent it, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

يوجد ثلاثة انواع من مرض السكر ولكن اعراضها متشابهة جداThere are three types of diabetes but her symptoms are very similar

Discover sugar without analysis

We can discover sugar without the need to download through note symptoms that appear on the infected person away, but you have to note these symptoms before you occur any serious complications, and we’ll show you the following kinds of sugar in detail and the symptoms that appear on each type of diabetes.

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من اشهر اعراض السكري الشعور بالعطش الشديد و كثرة التبولOf months symptoms of diabetes thirst and frequent urination

Types of diabetes

  • The first kind of sugar

This type is a disease where the immune system attacks the beta cells and are the cells responsible for insulin secretion and destruction and the consequent lack of insulin that is released and therefore both adults and kids for type first, for the player review of this kind, they appear within a relatively short period, the most important of what distinguishes this type of diabetes is frequent urination plus thirst, plus weight loss significantly with the presence of disorders in the vision and the feeling of permanent hunger, and sometimes up to coma.

  • The second type of sugar

This type is the most prevalent and hard about what is between ( 90 – 95 ) % Of the patients, and this type of diabetes is linked to many factors, the most important age factor in addition to genetic factors and in this case, the pancreas, the prevalence of insulin in sufficient quantity but the body cannot use this insulin and the most important symptoms that indicate the this type of frequent urination plus nausea and thirst lasting, injury infections with multiple slow healing process of these infections, as well as weight loss, blurred vision, and thus we find that there is a great similarity between the symptoms of the first type and disease Type II.

  • Gestational diabetes

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Gestational diabetes infected pregnant women during pregnancy, and in gestational diabetes are similar to his symptoms with the symptoms of the first kind and the second kind, there are some cases of gestational diabetes turning into diabetes Type II in a ratio ranging from ( 20 – 50 ) % of pregnant women infected with gestational diabetes.

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اتباع نظام صحي و ممارسة الرياضة من اهم طرق الوقاية من السكرA healthy diet and exercise is one of the most important methods of prevention of sugar

Methods of prevention of injury with diabetes

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There are a variety of means that can be followed for the Prevention of injury and with diabetes, this means consists in the following :

  • Weight control and follow it constantly.
  • A healthy diet and balanced.
  • Not a lot of eating foods that contain a high percentage of sugars.
  • Exercise and regularity, such as walking.

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We gave you through the website of the pharmacy information about diabetes types and how to identify diabetes without analysis, this is done through note the symptoms of the disease, and by the above we find that the symptoms of diabetes all three are similar to a large extent, such as feeling thirsty and loss of weight, blurred vision, and so you must follow medical advice and health to prevent developing diabetes ………… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction ones more topics associated with health problems and how to treat them and prevent them from through the website of the pharmacy.

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