The difference between the symptoms of Corona and regular


The difference between the symptoms of the corona and the normal cross-site content, with the spread of corona virus in a number of countries around the world have elected a lot of people anxiety about injury, especially if symptoms are similar with the ordinary so ignorant of other symptoms of HIV infection and are searching for its causes and symptoms and the sources of its spread, we will keep you below some information about the coronavirus and its symptoms and the difference between the and the regular.

The symptoms of MERS-CoV

  • Might create some in the beginning among the symptoms of MERS-CoV symptoms of the particular. it’s similar with some to a great extent where it begins to both ” see the nose, headache, cough, sore throat, and fever”.
  • May affect the koruna people with a weak immune system, so you should eating fruits that improve the efficiency of the immune system such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, and others.
  • Attack Koruna people patients Heart, Lung, and threatens their lives.
  • Not representing MERS-CoV different types of risk to human health and coronavirus-type MERS is the most dangerous among them, because it causes death.
  • The most important symptoms of MERS-CoV infection infection bronchitis inflammation pneumonia.
  • Is causing MERS-CoV in the occurrence of systemic failures in the functions of the body where it loses the source of his energy and his ability to do activities and chores.

الفرق بين كورونا والبرد

The causes of MERS-CoV

Learn the sources and causes of infection with MERS, we remind you of the following:

  • Dealing with someone who is infected with the virus either through ” shaking hands, kissing, touching, confrontation,” and other things.
  • Moving corona virus by handling infected animals with the virus especially if the koruna is at the origin affects animals and transmitted to human.
  • With regard to some people, MERS-CoV is through contact with contaminated surfaces where it accumulates traces of bacteria.
  • Advised to clean the hands thoroughly washed before contact with the work or the face, especially she is one of the sources of transmission of the virus.
  • Moving corona virus through feces so you must sterilize the toilets and cleaned to avoid HIV infection and dissemination.

The symptoms of the common cold

Think symptoms the most common symptoms frequently infection which consists in:

  • Is a runny nose, cold constant sputum and mucus of the most common symptoms of persons when cold.
  • Accompanies infection common cold stuffy nose and inability to distinguish different odors or taste the foods.
  • Accompanies the regular different pain in the face and eyes and head and feel dizzy, nausea and the inability to adjust the balance of the body.
  • You may feel injured by normal pain level in the throat and difficulty in swallowing foods, so it is believed during the period of the disease the intake of various liquids.
  • With respect to the bank by regular cases of frequent sneezing, accompanied sputum sometimes.
  • When worsen cold symptoms turn into a diet high in temperature.

Difference between MERS-CoV and regular

We present to you the following are the differences between the symptoms of the common cold and symptoms of the coronavirus which consists in:

  • Start symptoms of MERS-CoV are similar to of where a person is infected the patient is seen in the nose and sneezing, headache, strains and inflammation in the throat, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.
  • Showing cold symptoms from mild to severe and can be produced quickly in the case of taking medications.
  • Start symptoms of MERS-CoV and mild and diverge gradually in three days and threatening the life of the person of the patient.
  • Cause symptoms of MERS-CoV complications and irritation of the infection pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Is MERS-CoV as we mentioned before a group of viruses that attack the human body produces about someone’s symptoms of the common cold.
  • Is causing MERS-CoV in infection with severe acute respiratory loses where the person is the patient’s ability to breathe without a respirator.
  • Cause of MERS virus serious complications including kidney failure result in death directly.
  • Unlike colds do not result in any deficiencies in the functions of the body can recover them by taking medications to keep drinks hot.

Show us you follow us the difference between cold symptoms and symptoms of MERS-CoV, if you have any other questions about the virus; you can leave them in the comments below the article, we will try to respond to them through as soon as possible.

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