The difference between the symptoms of colon cancer and irritable bowel syndrome

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Peace be with you, Doc Love ask you what is the difference between the symptoms of colon cancer and irritable bowel syndrome? Because I suffer from pains in the abdomen are many and bulges and sometimes I’m afraid to be this case colon cancer, and even though this is happening to me after the neuro mostly.

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Often not suffering with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms are severe or serious, but its symptoms caused by negative feelings and tension and anxiety, and these symptoms is pain and abdominal cramps severe as your pain, and diarrhea or constipation or both, and also gases and bulges of the abdomen, difficulty sleeping due to pain, as some foods can irritate the stomach also.

The colon cancer it does not cause symptoms often in the early period of the disease, and may be more common symptoms of weight loss occurs abruptly, feeling tired and weak, and also abdominal pain severe, as can the appearance of blood in the stool, and also may affect colon cancer a bowel movement and wash it.

When feeling any alarming symptoms or the level of the commission to consult a doctor, to conduct the necessary tests and check, so as not to worsen the situation and cause more serious symptoms, and even can determine the appropriate treatment options for your condition.

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