The difference between sadness and depression

الحزن و الاكتئاب

Know the difference between sadness and depression

The difference between sadness and depression

We experience negative emotions such as sadness and anger and make her some it’s depression, is the person Sad, be depressed?

In fact, depression is a disease and needs an intervention to help a person get cured, like any physical illness needs to know and interview a doctor or a specialist.

Depression is a mental disorder that affects a person’s life significantly, become infected by different ages

As for minerals, it is an integral part of depression, but it is not the same

Sadness is a human emotion experienced by a person when passing the positions difficult.

You may pass a person in several positions in his life, make him sad and miserable. Such as loss of job, family problems or other problems affect more

What separates sadness from depression, is that the person grieving can express his feelings by crying or development on what’s inside. Grief takes time and it ends with the passage of time. But if you cannot be the person to resume normal operation this could be the sign of his injury depression.

If symptoms persist for more than two weeks, for the person to speak with a therapist.

The most important symptoms of depression:

The frustration – despair – sadness

Lack of motivation

Loses interest in activities that used to enjoy before

Not wanting to spend time with his family or his friends.

In difficult cases, the person is thinking of suicide

Dear grief you can overcome by practicing some recreational activities, it will help you greatly

But for depression you should stop and seek help to get rid of these symptoms before they worsen.

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