The descent of the baby pool.. the most important tips!

The definition of the child the infant’s money in the early stage of the important things, so that depends on you as it’s the prelude to swim in yet, so they think sports is important to the child, because they’re building a strong body.

There is no rule that specifies when we have to take the baby to the pool, but we can put a base depending on the situation health.

Where the mothers of down to the baby in the pool in the first month of our birth, and before the completion of one year.

Here are some things that must be taken into account by the descent of the child into the pool, so as to prevent any danger to his life or health.

Processing the baby

It is advisable to wait until the child is an infant and then clean it up good, then take it to the pool.

And if he was still wearing diapers, you have to choose the type of diaper is suitable most to the integrity of the swimming pool.

You should also avoid the survival of the baby in the water for a long time, so as to avoid making the child Pees while in the pool.

نزول الرضيع المسبح

Swimming babies

If the child is a baby, and you did plus you have to wait for at least an hour before coming off the water, so that doesn’t happen Toka.

As this is also applied in case if the baby had begun to eat, you should avoid to bleed the water after feeding.

The temperature of the pool

Before taking your child to the pool, you should make sure that the water temperature is not less than 30°, because if I told about it, you’ll lose the baby temperature quickly.

It is also possible that the injured deputy, which occurs when the body temperature drops from the normal range.

And note that the child’s body shiver, and turns the color of his lips for the color blue, you gotta go in to get him out of the water, and dries his body.

Do not swallow water

Of the things that we need to take into account during the descent of the child in the pool, they make sure not to gulp the water.

الرضيع في حمام السباحة

Because the water pool is more susceptible, due to the descent of a lot of people do.

As the water contains hazardous materials, because they:

  • May reduce the proportion of sodium in the blood.
  • Or work on the label, so that the child’s stomach the infant does not bear any viruses.

Not coming off during illness

You must make sure that your child is not suffering from any disease, even if simple, because this may cause an exacerbation of the disease.

It prevents the child from going down the pool in case of his diarrhea, so do not even be the reason for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, so don’t be others in the water.

Secure baby

The mother should make sure:

  • Accompany the child during his stay at the pool.
  • And hold it good, and leave it in the swim buoy because it is still small.
  • As Blackjack is possible to know for many problems, including the entry of some water into the baby’s nose.

Must not move away from the child even if the pool is dedicated for children so young.

Drying the baby’s body

Dry off the body of your baby after discharge directly from the water, and also dry his hair if he had Know Money.

And make sure to replace the swimsuit to dry clothes, in order to prevent from being cold.

You should also bathe the child immediately out of the pool, in order to make sure of the absence of his body from any chemicals, you may know her while in the pool.

As these substances might cause inflammation of the skin and eyes of a child, especially a child’s skin is thin, and does not move this material.

Also to add this material to water, does not mean that the pool is now clean and one hundred percent.

So the baby can be infected with problems of the skin, in the presence of the bacteria.

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