The causes of vertigo and what are the consequences of the seriousness of his

Vertigo is a term that applies to a lot of sensations and situations, as well as many genres, but always have a feeling of vertigo accompanied by a sense of loss of balance, and in this article we’ll talk about the causes of vertigo and the factors that cause it and how to deal with it.

The causes of vertigo and what are the consequences of the seriousness of his

Dizziness and loss of balance has many causes, so can the classification of the causes of dizziness different for several main groups including:

  • A disruption or defect in the equilibrium.
  • Malfunction or disorder in the process of blood flow to the brain.

Systems to maintain balance

As we mentioned before that the rotor resulting from the loss or malfunction in the balance, it is worth mentioning that there are three systems maintain a sense of balance when the human, namely:

  • Device balance is present in the middle ear.
  • The physical and sensual, which receive information from the skin as well as joints and muscles.
  • Of the visual system.

We will talk at length about the reasons for the occurrence of vertigo

أسباب الدوار وما هي عوامل خطورته

The rotor rotating

The rotor Rotating is benign, it happens that the rotor as a result of an imbalance in the inner ear caused by the collected particles of calcium inside the channels of the inner ear this type of vertigo can happen to anyone especially if it was older or that the person when the injury in his head.

Disease Munir

This disease is a disorder of the inner ear is one of the causes of dizziness and it happens as a result of a change of ear pressure or fluid accumulation inside the ear significantly, cause this type of disease, episodes of vertigo with loss in hearing and tinnitus in the ear.

Labyrinthitis or inflammation of the vestibular nerve

Of the most causes of vertigo typically is a problem in the inner ear, especially around the nerves and this is always what happens because of a viral infection most often this is what causes the occurrence of inflammation in the inner ear and makes a person listless.

Head injury

May result in injury to the head or skull to a roundabout and it is possible that this injury is just a bruise or bump is mild and can be up to blunt injury in the brain.

Intake of certain type of medications

May lead to eat a certain type of medication to the occurrence of vertigo, loss in stability and this will be the width of the side effects of some medications so you should refer to the prospectus of the drug and check them to make sure that this drug does not cause the rotor thus can be excluded as one of the causes of vertigo.


Usually the person feels dizzy due to not eating meals full food in terms of calories, when a person breathes in food by the less calories than his body needs to lead to feeling light-headed, or that a person wins some of the basic meals of the day, in this case, the rotor as a result of normal, and it happens because of low level of sugar in the blood, and this sense of a product when the people who follow the diet harsh to lose weight.

So you should eat a full food contains a proportion of sugars to avoid the causes of vertigo resulting from food and blood sugar level in the normal trading of the rotor, but if it requires it to consult a doctor or dietician to modify the diet.


Of the people most vulnerable to drought are the people who practice sports at a high rate, or people who over-drink alcohol, because the amount of water lost from the body must be compensated immediately so as not to get infected person is dehydrated, causing the occurrence of the rotor so you must drink 8 glasses of water per day, as 2 liters of water, you must also limit drinking alcohol and caffeine.

Food allergy

It may be one of the causes of vertigo is that the person is allergic to a certain type of food or fruit, where they can cause food allergy many physical symptoms when a person such as feeling dizzy, so you should consult your doctor if you experience such symptoms which are linked to a certain type of food and types of food allergy is peanut allergy as well as allergic to fish and allergic to fruits.

Heart disease and blood pressure

Of the most important causes of lightheadedness heart disease so you should burn the patients blood pressure and to follow a proper diet, healthy and free from any cholesterol and fat as well as sodium to reduce the rate of serious injury of heart disease and blood pressure, as eating foods that contain a small percentage of sodium as well as substances that contain cholesterol and they are few works on adjusting the level of pressure in the blood and thus reduces the chances of dizzy, so the meal challenge in all these factors to maintain health because health is the most precious thing man possesses.

الدوار المتناوب

The Rotary head of the central

Usually this type of Rotor because of problems in the bottom area of the brain such as:

  1. The cerebellum which is present in the brain at the bottom of them.
  2. The brain stem is the bottom of the brain which connects the spinal cord.

The causes of rotor head Central

  • Severe migraines, which typically cause patient feels pain in one side of the head or in front of the head, which is be due to multiple sclerosis a condition which is directly affect the central nervous system component of the spinal cord and brain.
  • The presence of a brain tumor a benign acoustic neuroma and this is what helps to control hearing and balance which is called a tumor auditory neuropathy.
  • The presence of a tumor in the lower part of the brain called the cerebellum causes dizziness, may require the occurrence of stroke occur due to cutting is an important part of the blood supply to the brain and cause vertigo.

Methods of treatment of vertigo

Mostly of the rotor does not need to treat, because it’s temporary, but if it’s any more than necessary and become the rotor continuously in a manner that is severe you should visit your doctor and the committee for necessary tests and treatment will be the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment for you depending on the situation, this may include the treatment of many of the following ways:

Taking medications

You may nominate your doctor of medicines that reduce dizziness, nausea, and some anti-anxiety drugs, also some drugs that work to prevent migraine headaches it may result from head injury which is one of the causes of vertigo.

If you are suffering from the disease of failure which occurs due to disorder in the middle ear as we mentioned before, the doctor may prescribe you a tablet aqueous is working on a diuretic, in addition to that the patient follows a specific diet by a small percentage of the file that reduces the number of times dizzy.

Natural treatment

Is usually treatment of vertigo using natural remedies this technique allows a suitable Abel or change describes the channel and this method will help to treat vertigo in a quick manner and change the position of the head by the availability of psychotherapy this method is usually carried out to prevent happening to them roundabout as a result of anxiety disorders.

Do surgery and achieved

Means of elimination of the causes of dizziness is the use of the injection of the ear in the inner ear using a gentamicin of this article antibiotic to disrupt the balance that the responsibility to balance the healthy ear the afterlife that serves as a removal device of sensation in the inner ear.

طرق علاج الدوار

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