The causes of tooth sensitivity

Teeth are exposed to many problems such as poisoning and infections of the gums and the problem of tooth sensitivity they are considered one of the most prominent problems are the most painful.

And the inconvenience has human if intake of food or beverages cold or hot, there are some people have sensitive teeth naturally.

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The causes of tooth sensitivity

There are a lot of reasons and misconceptions that lead to occurrence of tooth sensitivity, it will make it clear, including the following:

Use toothbrush hard and harsh on the teeth and gums

The brush hard on the teeth and gums lead to many problems, which cause damage to the teeth, including gingivitis and tooth sensitivity1web medical: sensitive teeth.

So we have to make sure to use a brush with soft hair for the Prevention of pain caused by sensitive teeth.

You must also wash the brush thoroughly after brushing your teeth, to keep them clean and not exposed to bacteria.

Also you must change the tooth brush from time to time, the maximum duration amounts to two or three months of use, so as not to damaged the teeth.

Must be washing the teeth gently so as not to cause the occurrence of infections in the gums, and clean them strongly.

حساسية الأسنان

حساسية الأسنان

The use of a large amount of toothpaste

A lot of people are using toothpaste frequently, they don’t know that the toothpaste contains many chemicals, which may cause damage to the teeth and use of toothpaste freely, and not wasteful in its use so as not to cause damage to teeth and gums2console Toronto: tooth sensitivity how to treat it.

Try to use the methods for bleaching teeth

There are many people use many ways to keep the teeth, which may lead to damage of the teeth, including the following:

  1. Use toothpaste to bleach.
  2. Teeth whitening through the use of materials placed when you sleep.
  3. Bleaching through the use of your home.
  4. Bleaching in the clinic of special dental care.

Has lead the way to tooth sensitivity, which may last for a period affected through their teeth by eating foods and drinks hot or cold, they also lead to the occurrence of pain in the teeth.

حساسية الأسنان

حساسية الأسنان

The buildup of tartar on the teeth or plaque

Gear teeth, is the term for the salts present in the saliva, repeated on the front teeth of the canine.

The presence of tartar on the teeth and its accumulation, and cleaned and remove many of the damage on the teeth, including:

  1. Cause infections in the gums and redness of her.
  2. Lead to bleeding of the teeth and gums.
  3. The multiplication of germs and bacteria on the teeth and gums.
  4. Decay and dental.

Eat foods that contain acids

Many people think that eating sugars and sweets are the only foods that cause harm to the teeth, but not sugars just, there are other foods many, including citrus, are advised not to eat heavily as well as not eating acidic beverages, as they harm your teeth and gums, they also lead to dental erosion.

The most prominent of these acidic foods that eat it is one of the causes of tooth sensitivity are: lemon, orange, tomatoes.

To limit this problem, you must wait an hour after eating acidic foods, then we wash and brushing, and also also your teeth to maintain them, and the sensitivity of the teeth.

Sensitive teeth and gums

Lead to gum disease to injury, gum problems, and this causes the feeling of pain when you do wash your teeth.

The reason most in the inflammation of gum disease, is the lack of attention to cleanliness of the mouth and wash the teeth daily, at least twice.

Can requires inflammation of the gums and other processor to become a disease in the gums and lead to tooth loss you should when illness or pain in the gums go to the doctor.

You should also maintain oral hygiene and wash your teeth thoroughly twice a day, once in the morning and evening, to keep them clean and Prevention of gum disease.

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