The causes of the fall of the teeth

أسباب سقوط الأسنان

أسباب سقوط الأسنان

The fall of the teeth depends the stage of development of the natural teeth in children but that the fall of the teeth in adults is a disease other diseases of the gums or some of the unhealthy habits, you know, with us in this article on the causes of the fall of the teeth

The symptoms preceded the fall of the teeth

There are some symptoms that portend the fall of the teeth in the absence of treatment of these symptoms and their cause lost tooth garden and other complications many, these symptoms including:

  • Move the teeth during chewing or when you click on them
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swelling of the gums redness,
  • Receding gums

The causes of the fall of the teeth

There are some factors that caused the fall of the tooth which may not rise to the teeth directly, these reasons include the following:

  • A work in progress and aging.
  • Neglecting dental care for a long time.
  • I said to use a brush in cleaning the teeth which leads to tartar buildup on the tooth surface and gums
  • Smoking
  • The incidence of Type II diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Infection with rheumatoid arthritis

Often dripping incisors front teeth as the chances of the fall of the teeth in men and women.

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Treatment fall teeth

After that you know with us on the causes of the fall of the teeth you must learn to mark the fall of the teeth begins with knowing the leading cause of her fall and try to avoid it at an early stage before the fall of the teeth already, and the methods of treatment include the following:

  • In the case of inflammatory diseases of the gum, the patient needs to take special care to your gums and removing the tartar accumulated on the teeth
  • In some cases the doctor may prescribe some antibiotics to treat gum infections and get rid of the infection
  • In the case of the fall of the teeth can your doctor, to dental implants

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How to prevent teeth loss

The best way to prevent the fall of the teeth is to follow System day good for dental care, which the more I began to apply it early as to avoid a lot of dental problems here are some tips that you can follow to clean your teeth, namely:

  • Cleaning the teeth daily morning and evening
  • Use the right toothbrush and theright toothpaste preferably contains fluoride to keep teeth color fever its Of be Generation and delivery.
  • You can use the brush electrical or dental floss to ensure the regulation of places that are not accessible to a regular brush
  • Use mouthwash regularly to eliminate bacteria the mouth causing to be gear teeth tolerance
  • A healthy diet and reducing sugars that cause the activity of the bacteria within the mouth and lead to registration

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Complications the fall of the teeth

Believe healthy looking for for the safety of the teeth and their color is natural and the regularity of their arrangement, but the fall of the teeth does not cause shortage of the teeth, but it may affect the rest of the teeth.

When the fall of teeth and implants teeth replacement teeth begin to ascertain leads boil the appearance of spaces between teeth and change their order in the jaw, accumulate Foods between these voids which cause tooth decay.

Considered the external appearance of art and the face on the arrangement of the teeth, so the teeth loss may also affect the facial appearance may cause some wrinkles around the mouth.

After that you know the causes of teeth loss and the symptoms that precede the fall you should visit a doctor if you notice any display of them to find the cause leading to the onset of these symptoms and treatment the fall before the tooth fully and the need for Dental Implants, if you have questions again you can consult one of our doctors here

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