The causes of poor fetal movement

أسباب قلة حركة الجنين

أسباب قلة حركة الجنين

Of natural that the mother feels baby’s movement at frequent intervals during the day but may be less fetal movement in a certain period of pregnancy, you know with us in this article on the reasons for low fetal movement and some of the ways that help to stimulate the fetal movement.

Is it normal to less movement of the fetus?

Yes, it is quite normal to notice decreased fetal movement at the completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy or from the beginning of the second trimester until birth, and that’s simply because the fetus in this period it begins to move and descend to the pelvic area in preparation for childbirth and therefore may not be fetus is able to move freely as usual.

How do you know if your baby’s movements less than normal?

If you’re not sure if your baby is moving less or not, try counting the kicks of your baby for an hour at a time when your child is active in the General Assembly, and record the number of movements in this period and prefer to do it in the time you’re not busy or tired so you can note the challenges that your child is doing, if you notice my not to move your child for more than 12 hours continuously prefer to see your doctor immediately.

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What causes of the lack of fetal movement?

You might think the number of fetal movements on certain factors, including amniotic fluid or fat content in the body of the mother and maternal weight, as it can be for the mother to feel less fetal movement due to the position of the placenta where there is some situations where the placenta face of the front of the uterus which causes the lack of feeling the mother’s movements of the fetus clearly the doctor tells you that when fetal imaging sonar.

Of the reasons that may reduce the fetal movement is also the possibility of entering the baby in shifts Sleep Site has up to 45 minutes connected, your child may be asleep for some time which reduces your sense of freedom, though there are some cases that may be where the lack of fetal movement due to a health problem especially if the timing of fetal movements in full for up to 12 continuous hours or a full day, a doctor should be consulted.

How can you motivate your child to move?

Although the reasons for the lack of fetal movement may be normal in the Algarve, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy and in the absence of any health problems when the mother, here are some tricks that help to stimulate the movement of the fetus, including:

Eat a light meal

Responds embryos to increase the sugar in the blood, so if you’re trying to count the kicks of your baby or you just want to make sure that your baby is fine try eating a healthy snack such as cheese or biscuits or peanut butter or chocolate or fruit.

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Lie down

Can to physical exertion to the mother one of the reasons for lack of fetal movement may not be able to mother of the note fetal movement, so you can get some rest if you are tired and you can feel the freedom of your child.

Run a little bit and then sit down.

You can run for half a minute and then stop and repeat this movement two or three, your child may respond and kick indicates that he is healthy.

Just shine a powerful light on the stomach

By the sixth month of pregnancy from possible to include embryos light and dark, so you may feel with your baby when you shed a flashlight on your belly where your child can turn or moves away from the light.

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After you know the causes of poor fetal movement and how to stimulate the movement, if you didn’t notice any change, you have to see your doctor immediately to help you check on the health of your child, with my best wishes to you-time health and happiness.

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