The causes of pills eye and methods of prevention

Show different types and multiple pills eye due to multiple reasons, could be health reasons, or the customs of the wrong, and these pills feeling disturbed, especially in the case of its large size, but related to methods of treatment of pills eye whether medical or natural.

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Kinds of pills eye

Pills chalazion Chalazion

Is the bags are formed in the upper eyelid, the inside of the eyelid to the eye, also cause pills eye the pain and irritation and swelling of the eye, as can recur in the eye or two on that one.

Turn most often to chronic disease, as it is difficult to eradicate, and it is recommended to consult a specialist and abide by his instructions and his recipe appropriate medical treatment pills eye strictly warned, in spite of the difficulty, they do not pose any danger to eyesight, and not one of the infectious diseases.

حبوب العين

حبوب العين

Novel cholesterol Xanthelasma

Deposits are formed in the image of the pills around the eye area, causing the image of the annoying work, but it does not cause any kind of itching and pain, except in rare cases.

Is problem is easy to remedy by following a therapeutic regimen is simple, and you can also use some natural recipes.

Pills mile a Milia

Pill is small white color is formed in the eyelid of the eye bottom, and some fat.

Consists of those pills of dead skin and the bottom skin, as they differ from other grains where it does not cause any pain, but give the eye a disturbing picture.

A stye a stye

  • Formed in the image of bruising around the eyelid itself is red.
  • Formed as a result of a malfunction in the sebaceous glands, resulting in an increase of bacteria.
  • Formed as a result of poor personal hygiene,.
  • Advised to stay away permanently from contact with eye, wash it well.

Different from the pills chalazion, where a stye on the eyelid, not inside it, and a red color.

The causes of appearance of grain of all kinds

Causes of chalazion

  • Results from the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands and blockage of its1web medical: abscess of the eye and causes.
  • Also result from bacterial infection, with transmission of bacterial eye air or contact.
  • As a result the sensitivity of harmful chemicals such as cosmetics and contact lenses, as can be caused by certain medications.

Causes deposits of cholesterol

  • Result from high cholesterol.
  • Result from malnutrition or a bad diet.
  • Not related to stage, and to health.

Reasons mile away

  • Result from infections of the skin.
  • Result from skin burns or wounds.
  • As a result from the harmful chemicals such as chemicals to exfoliate the skin.
  • As a result from the hot sun.

Causes of a stye

  • Result from the use of harmful chemicals.
  • As a result from not cleaning the place out.
  • Result from the use of cosmetics, unhealthy, or expired, or poor-quality.
  • Result from health ailments such as diabetes.
  • Produced by skin ulcers.

حبوب العين

حبوب العين

Cure pills eye all kinds

Treatment pills chalazion

  • Physician should be competent in the treatment of pills chalazion2groups: the treatment of abscess of the eye.
  • Use an anti-bacteria and fungi and techniques, which result in the emergence of that problem.
  • Can warm compresses on the pills chalazion to comfort her.

Treatment of novel cholesterol

  • Treating the problem of high cholesterol.
  • It is recommended to consult a specialist.
  • Can use the methods of natural remedy in the treatment pills of the eye.

Natural ways to treat a novel cholesterol

Use the almond oil, where you put some drops of almond oil on a cotton swab and put it gently on the eye area and the appearance of those deposits, and the use of castor oil, apply in the same way as almond oil.

Treatment pills mile a

  • Choose pills mile at times with the passage of time without any treatment.
  • Can be treated by cautery or laser.
  • It is recommended to consult a specialist.
  • Can use compresses of warm water.
  • Skin care and hygiene.
  • Stay away from cosmetic, not health.
  • The use of sunglasses suitable before exposure to the sun.

Treatment of a stye

  • It is recommended to consult a specialist.
  • Use a cosmetics counter for bacteria in the treatment pills of the eye.
  • The use of compresses of warm water.
  • Use tea bags to get rid of bacteria and fungi.

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