The causes of gestational diabetes

أسباب سكر الحمل

أسباب سكر الحمل

Dear mother, if control blood sugar during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby, and you can read this article with us to understand the causes of gestational diabetes , and know how to handle it, how to diagnose it.

The causes of gestational diabetes

When you eat, your body break the carbohydrates contained in your food and gets converted into sugar called glucose, and this sugar into the bloodstream, where it travels to your cells to give you energy necessary for your body, and the driving member allows the pancreas to produce a hormone called insulin, which helps transport sugar to your cells.

During pregnancy your body may experience some changes which lead to your injury gestational diabetes, and there may be other reasons responsible for you having this disease, and the causes of gestational diabetes:

  • Placental hormones during pregnancy

Where the placenta secrete hormones to help the child to grow, and some of these hormones make it difficult for the mother’s body making insulin or using it, this allows the resistance to insulin.

  • Overweight before pregnancy

If the mother is overweight before pregnancy, this excess weight May makes it difficult for the body to use insulin.

  • Gaining weight quickly during pregnancy

If you gained a mother and a great weight too fast during pregnancy may be a cause of exposure to gestational diabetes.

  • Genetic

Think of the genetic causes of gestational diabetes, if I have a mother a father or a brother or sister have diabetes Type 2, this may lead to injury to the expectant mother with gestational diabetes.

  • High sugar in the mother’s blood

If sugar levels in the mother’s blood are too high, or elevated by not enough to diagnose the condition of diabetes (pre-diabetes), this might lead to being infected with gestational diabetes.

You know the expectant mother in the campaign of her former any of the following problems, it may lead to being infected with gestational diabetes:

    • If the mother had been injured by gestational diabetes in pregnancy the past.
    • If the mother’s age exceeds the age of the twenty-fifth.
    • If the mother gave birth in her pregnancy, a previous baby weighing more than 9 pounds.
    • If the mother gave birth in her pregnancy the former child dead.

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Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes does not cause noticeable symptoms, but try to understand the causes of gestational diabetes is important, and the mother that are looking for health care early, so that the nature of assessment of the risk of their vulnerability to gestational diabetes, the doctor examines diabetes during pregnancy as part of antenatal care.

How you can deal with the sugar load?

Begins the gestational diabetes usually at the beginning of the last three months of pregnancy, however, if the mother feels any of the serious symptoms gestational diabetes, you should contact a doctor quickly.

Your doctor may recommend a test to early of glucose to the mother at the end of three months the first pregnancy, it is repeated that test again between Week 24 and 28 of pregnancy, if the result of the tests is negative, it is tested again.

Then examined the proportion of sugar in the mother’s blood after it has provided the draft with a sugar, and, depending on the test results, the mother says the situation by following some instructions from her doctor, such as change of diet or drug, in order to reduce the sugar in her blood during pregnancy.

When trying to the mother’s sugar in her blood according to a natural and safe, the child will be less likely to :

  • The incidence of diabetes.
  • Birth weight heavier than usual.
  • Suffering from any other health problems.

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Dear mother, after getting to know the causes of gestational diabetes, please do not neglect to deal with it in a healthy manner and sound until you’re trying to the safety of your health and the health of your child, for more tap, and you can consult one of our doctors here

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