The cause of tinnitus, types and methods of treatment and diagnosis

The elements of the decision

Thought to identify the cause of tinnitus of the most important steps necessary is the treatment of this problem that cause anxiety and feeling light-headed, dizziness and mood swings, it leads to a person feeling light-headed, dizziness and influenced by the sense of hearing especially if you continue to buzz for long periods and became a lieutenant of the company in the long Times of his life and be noisy and makes the person unconscious to focus the web for a quick solution he wants from this annoying problem.

Reasons for the occurrence of tinnitus

Depends tinnitus signal the presence of another health problem experienced by a person, where the buzz from a number of diseases affecting the ear and the body in general, including the following:

  • There is a problem in the auditory system.
  • There is a problem in the nerves of hearing in the ear.
  • The accumulation of wax in the ear and in the closed channel States, thereby causing dizziness and Drug Administration hearing humming and whistling.
  • The loss of the sense of hearing especially when older.
  • The loss of the sense of hearing due to repeated exposure to noise and noise which destroys the sensory cells responsible for the transfer of sound waves to the brain and the inside ear.
  • Infections in the ear.
  • Infection with sinus infections.
  • A problem occurs in the bones of the ear.
  • You know the ear infection.
  • Suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Disorder blood sugar.
  • Suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Suffering from hardening of the arteries.
  • The presence of tumors in the brain or the neck and head.
  • The presence of disturbances in the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Hormonal changes that come from them ladies.
  • Intake of some medicines can be a cause in the occurrence of tinnitus, such as antibiotics, diuretic medications and anti-depressants valleys cancer treatment tablets aspirin.
  • Know the auditory nerves to.
  • The complaint of low blood pressure.
  • Complaint from some allergy type.
  • Complaint of anemia cause tinnitus and dizziness.
  • Exposure to the injuries of the brain and neck.
  • Know the person noise the noise for long periods.
  • Infection with Munir.
  • The complaint of migraine headaches.
  • Excessive intake of caffeinated drinks.
  • Excessive smoking.

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Treatment of tinnitus and get rid of them with medication and herbs

سبب طنين الاذنThe cause of tinnitus ear

Other reasons for tinnitus

There is a set of conditions and factors that cause a feeling of ringing in the ear, the most important being the following:

  • Age, where the incidence of older people compared to youth.
  • Type, men suffer from tinnitus more by the women.
  • Repeated exposure to noise and noise and sounds associated, as is the case when the factory workers and staff of the music.
  • Smoking also raises the chance of infection ringing in the ear.
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure of the most vulnerable groups of ear ringing.

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Types of tinnitus of the ears

The doctor determines the way to treat the problem of tinnitus according to the type of the patient, the species are as follows:

  • Buzz profile

This type of tinnitus is called the patient only can not be the doctor to hear, which is kind of common and widespread among the people, often due to the presence of health problems in the ear, whether central or internal or external or the presence of disease in the auditory nerve.

  • Buzz substantive

This type of tinnitus of very rare species, and in this case the doctor can hear the ringing which allows the patient during the examination of the ear, often caused by a problem in the vessels does or disease in the ear bones.

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سبب طنين الاذنThe cause of tinnitus ear

Ways to treat tinnitus of the ear

  • After the doctor on the cause of the tinnitus diagnosis of the type suffered by the patient, monitoring symptoms, can determine the appropriate plan of treatment, and the most important available treatment alternatives for the problem of tinnitus include:
  • Cleaning the ears get rid of wax accumulated inside them.
  • Treatment of ear infections through the intake of anti-vital areas with a drop Heeren to get rid of itching caused by inflammation.
  • Treatment of adaptation and during the surgery.
  • Treatment any swelling present in the ear through surgery.
  • Treatment of tinnitus through taking medications such as antidepressants and sedatives.
  • The use of devices to help fish for the treatment of hearing impairment in the case of his presence.
  • In the case of the inability to determine the cause of the tinnitus can be used with Secret Sounds through sounds and ringtones quiet and endearing overwhelm the sound of whirring and over time can disappear the buzz.
  • Use of psychotherapy and cognitive development to assist the patient to adapt to the sound of the noise and its mitigation of the psychological effects caused by the patient it calms the anxiety and stress that suffer from them.

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We have provided you via the site pharmacy, comprehensive report about the cause of tinnitus with the development of the types of tinnitus and ways to treat this problem that cause insomnia and tension of the patient has to move from rest and sleep and not be able to exercise his life naturally until it disappears this buzz spam.

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