The best ways to whiten teeth

أفضل طرق لتبييض الأسنان

أفضل طرق لتبييض الأسنان

There may be spots on your teeth or the color of your teeth variable, this may be for several reasons, if you want to make them brighter and whiter, you can do so safely, there are many options to whiten your teeth, so stay with us dear reader to learn the best ways to whiten teeth in your own home and when the doctor.

How teeth become yellow?

Teeth can become yellow for several reasons, including:

Pigmentation and external

The affect of these spots on the layer of the teeth the outer, and this happens due to the wasteful eating foods and drinks which harm the color of the teeth, such as coffee, tea, foods with dyes, and may help smoking tobacco and also in the appearance of this pigmentation.

Can treat pigmentation, external tooth at the rate of two bleached teeth, which can stain the external teeth.

Pigmentation of the inner

Pigmentation of the interior is the color of the tooth from the inside, may be the interests also of the interior; due to the use of a particular drug or a disease in childhood or infection, or aging.

May need a bleaching procedure to whiten the content; to get the same level of whiteness of teeth, or the best of it, and must decide how to whitening your teeth based on the type of spots you are experiencing.

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The best ways to whiten teeth at the doctor

Your dentist can use several different ways to whiten your teeth, in general, the methods that he uses to whiten your teeth consist of peroxide carry, and hydrogen peroxide, two aimed at the color of the tooth through a chemical reaction, this is a safe way to whiten teeth.

  • It may be a sign of bleaching procedure useful; because it ends very quickly, and it takes a long period of time, its effect may also continue for a longer time.
  • Often, you may just need to one hour or a few visits to whiten your teeth, because hydrogen peroxide concentration in the products applied at the doctor’s, greater than its concentration in the products you use at home, offers this treatment if you suffer from a decline in the gums.
  • Have used the dentist also light or laser when you apply the tooth whitening product on your teeth; and speed up the process.

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The best ways to whiten your teeth at home

You can buy teeth whitening products without a prescription, to help in whitening your teeth, but may take longer to whiten the teeth.

Containing some of the OTC products a seal of acceptance of the American Dental Association, and may not contain all of the products on this seal, some products without this seal are still good to use, but this seal is designed to give you more confidence.

Whitening toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes do not use peroxide to carry and, instead, targeting these concerned the surface of your teeth in a variety of materials, including, abrasive materials, andfor buyers of the blue chemical, and it may take some time to appear as a result of it.

Whitening strips

You can also buy whitening strips without prescription, these strips contain a lower amount of hydrogen peroxide used by the doctor, you can apply it once or twice daily on your teeth for a specific time period, as specified by the manufacturer, are available a variety of products whitening strips in different concentrations of bleaching agent.

Active coal

Not scientifically proven capacity of the activated charcoal to whiten teeth, so before using it you should discuss the dentist, it hurt your teeth if you use these methods without consulting a dentist first.

At the end of the article, dear reader, after that you know the best ways to whiten teeth .. we recommend that you follow the appropriate methods of your condition and the condition of your teeth, and if you have any queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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