The best ways of slimming without diet – 30 easy and effective way to lose a lot of weight

30 way will ensure you weight loss

Here are 30 best ways of slimming the most effective and easily which ensures ideal weight and healthy living through her forget the deprivation and nutrition harsh.

Change is simple and easy in your morning routine can lead to you arrive for the ideal without follow the diet harsh and diet program strictly, any reliance on a healthy lifestyle, and how that’s what you have to do you? Here are 30 of the best ways of slimming fastest and easiest and you only have to follow and daily routine.

These methods although it is very simple but it is very effective to include a style of healthy nutrition and what you need to count it in your food in addition to things that must be avoided and how to drink water and when, what are the health habits and misconceptions that lie behind weight gain it is necessary to stop it.

30 – get rid of unhealthy foods and don’t let her near you.

طرق للتخسيس تخلص من الأطعمة غير الصحية ولا تتركها بقربك

The start will be from the things that be difficult to resist, as the cream – doughnuts – cake and cupcakes – chips and will implement them more when you have and the amount of them you have, so I headed to the kitchen and then all the places you can put these foods and mix them and don’t buy a lot next time.

29 – keep healthy foods light near you

Just as is the case with unhealthy foods when you’re near you will be easy for you to purchase and eat healthy foods when you put it in front of you, so devoted to a beautiful dish put the slices of carrots and leaves of lettuce and cabbage and chunks of cucumber, or a few fruits of Apple, and you can also put a small dish contains nuts, provided that they are unsalted or replace the brush.

28 – work on the preparation of snack healthy myself.

Rid yourself of all snacks are unhealthy but that doesn’t mean you won’t eat any snacks and delicious but this time it will be healthy, how? What you only have to prepare a few of them myself: Kia healthy oats – biscuits, oatmeal – dates stuffed slices of almonds or walnuts.

27 – make sure to eat breakfast and make it simple and tasty

طرق للتخسيس تأكد من تناول الفطور واجعله بسيط ولذيذ

You may think that the methods of slimming and relying on healthy food and specifically breakfast, you will need more time but it’s the opposite. you can make breakfast healthy and simple one at a time, depending on the healthy dishes for breakfast such as a cup of yogurt with fruit or a lemon – a dish of oatmeal with yogurt and fruit – a little nuts – eggs with a plate of vegetables and a slice of whole-grain toast…

26 – for breakfast instead of dinner

What if you buy a plate, but it is not healthy? What if you want to eat a piece of cake and rich liquid chocolate pancakes with me? In such a case make this dish dish breakfast and leave him to dinner, no eating pieces of small size but in the morning, so be easy on the body burn during the day, but don’t make it your breakfast every day but one day in the week.

25 – eat only when the sun is in the sky

Even a light dinner or various foods remain in the meal eaten at night when you don’t make a lot of effort and when your body does not have need to eat therefore there is a greater likelihood to be stored as fat, so you’re in front of the two Tests the first cancellation of this meal and the second rounded more away from bedtime, and in both options all the what you eat will be through Elena when the sun is in the sky before it sets.

24 – focus in your plate to vegetables

ركز في طبق طعامك على الخضار

When you pour the dish your food, focused on vegetables make half of exactly of salads and boiled vegetables and fresh, as for the other half I will divide it into two quarters the first quarter proteins and a quarter last carbohydrates from bread and pasta or rice.

23 – I think on the sizes of dishes, cups,

You don’t have to rely on big dishes, just not to small, but it’s like a game of play with the brain, studies have proven eating a larger amount of foods when they are placed in large bowls and vice versa, so choose a great dish for a Cuban big money while the small dish to the meal low-fat and rich in carbohydrates, cups, small for the item.

As for the details of the study that prove that they are as follows: are you eating the amount of popcorn and the largest with 45% of the large vessels as compared with vessels of the same are available.

You can view the study here: Bad popcorn in big buckets

22 – don’t eat foods from the dishes of large or fate directly

Whatever the quantity that you’ll eat from the pot directly or dish large custom codes fully even though it was addressed to taste the bait or large amount will not be calculated for the brain that you eat any you won’t eat less on the meal painting, but what I had would be an excessive amount.

21. don’t allow foods and snacks that become a meal

لا تسمح للأطعمة الخفيفة والمشروبات بأن تصبح وجبات

Generally in most of the systems of nutrition, there are meal or two meals a day foods light fruit or juice or vegetable, but must be within the appropriate quantity and quality is correct, it should save these foods from snacks to full meals any avoid juice Anti-no sugar, milk or fat yogurt, etc.

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