The best way to for Diet Fast

أفضل طريقة لعمل رجيم سريع

أفضل طريقة لعمل رجيم سريع

Many are searching for the best way to for diet fast but it’s not that easy, dear reader, so stay with us this article to find out this method and also the principles of the accursed health systems of the different men’s world.

The principles of dieting health

The main way for the Prevention of obesity and overweight is to follow a healthy balanced diet and avoid systems Rapid of health risks and also regain the weight again.

In addition to healthy eating, the regular exercise is also very important for health, it helps healthy diet to prevent some serious diseases such as:

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The best way to for diet quick

أفضل طريقة لعمل رجيم سريع

أفضل طريقة لعمل رجيم سريع

In any system fast for weight loss what burns fat is not a pill or type of food, but it significant reduction in calories, in addition to exercise here are the steps to help you work Diet Fast Balanced in nutrients:

Make a plan to eat healthy

Provide healthy eating plan for your body the nutrients it needs every day while staying within your daily goal of calorie for weight loss, will reduce the risk of disease, and may include a healthy eating plan include the following:

  • Focus on vegetables, fruits andwhole grains and dairy products fat-free or low-fat.
  • Include lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts.
  • Reducing saturated fat, sodium, and sugars.
  • Drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks or sweetened.

Control calories

For weight loss need most people to reduce the number of calories they get from food and beverages and increase their physical activity, for the loss weight from one to one and a half pound per week, you must reduce the daily consumption by 500 to 750 calories, and in general:

  • The eating plans that contain 1500-1800 calories each day are suitable for men and women who exercise regularly.
  • You should not use low-calorie meals less than 800 calories per day without supervision of Doctor.


There is no doubt that diet helps in losing weight but exercise you can burn extra calories that can’t loss through diet alone.

Related topics

Systems diet and side effects

After learning on the best way to for diet quick know that there are many of systems accursed different, including:

Please talk to

Say system I’m talking diet converts your body into a machine of fat burning, by starving yourself of carbohydrates to begin your body to burn fat for energy.

During the first phase of the Fast Diet, follow a diet rich in protein without restrictions on fat, and your daily carbohydrates from 20 to 25 grams, and will lose up to 15 pounds in two weeks.

During the three stages of the future gradually be encouraged to exercise on a regular basis, starts your weight loss to 2 or 3 pounds during the second phase, but could include preliminary side effects:

  • The smell of bad breath.
  • Dryness of the mouth.
  • Tiredness, dizziness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Nausea.
  • Constipation due to cutting carbs.
  • May increase the intake of large amounts of saturated fat and risk of heart disease, there are concerns about the addition of salt.

Please 5\2

Diet is 5\2 on a principle known as intermittent fasting (IF), where you eat normally for 5 days a week, and for two days, said included one study in 2013 among women who developed this diet to those who follow a diet Mediterranean, and found that people who follow the diet 5\2 lost more than 5% of fat in their body.

But has some side effects, such as:

  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Headaches.
  • Difficulty focus.
  • Bad breath and dehydration.
  • It is also not true that jerking of all persons not valid for pregnant or suffer from eating disorders or diabetes, so consult your doctor before following any diet.

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In the end, dear reader, after that you know the best way to for Diet Fast keep track of the health system for weight loss, and we wish you continued health and wellness.

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