The best types of shower vaginal

Douching is among the special means to maintain personal hygiene and feel that the unmarried girls and married women, especially married women where you need that area to take care of special and substantial interest to keep it clean and make sure that any problems or diseases or infections.

The best types of shower vaginal

  1. Lotion Jaya is a lotion made in Italy High quality works to clean the vaginal area without causing irritation or inflammation and bleeding of the vagina with high efficiency and achieves great results when a lot of women that had tried it.
  2. Lotion Betadine depends of the species of the strong quality and high efficiency and have the ability to penetrate and thoroughly clean and also works on the cleaning and treatment of those delicate area when ladies.
  3. Lotion Malva with the smell of mint smart and feel fresh and clean the sensitive areas and retaining moisture because it is made from natural materials reduce the likelihood of exposure to source material from them and when you sense any offer, you should refer the doctor to treat the infections appropriately.
  4. Lotion Oriflame think of well-known brands and it is used especially in sensitive areas or for sensitive skin in general because it is highly efficient both in cleaning the sensitive places and protected from infection with bacterial or fungal infection and reduce the inflammation and itching in the vaginal area.

Types of shower vaginal

  • Lotion Yvonne thinks of lotions the aroma of refreshing to clean the vagina with high efficiency and protection from infection and maintain a characteristic odor.
  • Lotion both helps in cleaning the sensitive areas and protect them from bacteria and microbes.
  • Lotion City beauty depends of the species of the famous and well-known women where used for the care of sensitive areas, which a great change occurs in the vagina’s cleanliness.
  • Lotion report works to lighten the skin is cleaned and protected from any distress, and limits irritation of the area sensitive and the risk of bacterial infection.

Use a shower vaginal

  1. You should not excessive use of lye vaginal advised to use it twice a week because its use every day excessively may lead to backfire.
  2. Works to kill bacteria and inflammation and severity and affect the skin negatively and increases the presence of harmful bacteria and reduces the presence of beneficial bacteria should use appropriate and moderate.
  3. Be used normally under the supervision of a specialist with the non-use of soap on sensitive areas and if forced to women so they can use soap once a week and preferably wear loose fitting clothing to ensure good ventilation and reduce the fungal infection.
  4. Is the use of lye which works to eliminate inflammation and that is choosing a shower vaginal by a specialist in respiratory diseases, particularly

We offer the best types of shower vaginal please follow us to see what’s new and what for women’s health in general.

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