The best types of condoms and the way to use


Talking in this article about condoms through the website idea, and we will follow also the way to use condoms and the best species used in the pharmacies .

What is a condom?

The condom is considered one of the most popular kinds of contraception, where works by preventing the access of sperm to the ovum and is considered an effective means of preventing pregnancy when you use the right proportion of its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy to 98%, and it says protection from sexually transmitted diseases, there are many types and different shapes of condoms which we have in this article .
And Industry easy gold my rubber very high and allows the Latex, it is possible that the industry is also of some material other as a polycarbonate material issues or polyurethane .

Types of condoms

Before starting the kinds of condoms you should make it clear that there are two types of protective medical, two condoms, which explains Ali’s penis used by men, there is also the female condom which is placed inside the vagina and is used by women .

For condoms there are many types and different shapes of them :

  • Condom rubber
  • Condom-free rubber
  • Condom lubricant
  • Condoms kind
  • Condoms flavours
  • Condoms and lubricant-treated sperm

Vary preference for one of the species I have the other dish to grace the texture, size, or prevention of diseases and allergies, and is condom rubber is the most common type and widely used .

Way to use a condom

  • Is take out the condom from the package your prefer not to use scissors or knife to cut the flag so not to tear the condom, then tell the user to put the condom on the top of the male member is then rolled along the member .
  • Better to be left a blank portion at the tip of the condom, therefore, to assemble the semen into it, then removed the condom after finishing the relationship with the war on not to spill any of the semen .

Advantages of condoms

  • Considered one of the best means to prevent pregnancy when used right .
  • Only used during intimacy .
  • Think of the best means of protection from sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and chlamydia .
  • Considered one of the most important means that do not contain any side effects medical, as it is available in many of shapes and sizes .

Disadvantages of condoms

  • One of the biggest problems facing the use of condoms is, despite of being strong, but it may relate to the development and effectiveness if not used properly .
  • I don’t think an appropriate way to have men who are experiencing difficulty in maintaining an erection .
  • Think is appropriate with persons who are allergic to latex, plastic, or towards some material that is available in some condoms .

The best types of condoms in the pharmacy

  • Protective does
  • Protective sex the Simplex
  • The protective vista of the mouth
  • Protective Carrie reflected carex

What are the sizes of condoms?

There are many articles that suit everyone, there are :

  • Condoms are small and its length is almost up to 15 cm, while its width may reach up to 5 cm .
  • Condoms is expected and the length is almost to 20 cm and up 5.5 cm .
  • Condoms large and the length to greater than 20 cm and a width of up to 6 cm .

Is there a relationship between condom premature ejaculation?

Certainly there is a relationship between condoms and premature ejaculation, there are some types of condoms that are used in the treatment of premature ejaculation, where it contains some of the species I Material been which contain the influence of drugs and thus help in treatment delay, and that the species does Extended Pleasure Ùˆcarex delay condoms of the drug.

If condoms are used properly and are not torn the probability of non-occurrence of pregnancy and may reach 80 to 90 %, but prefer to use other means to him to ensure you are not pregnant .

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