The best treatment of the law of Pharmacy and tips important to take advantage of the drugs

The elements of the decision

Get the best treatment, and the law of Pharmacy is the demand of a lot of patients with irritable bowel syndrome that causes you to feel sick about gas and bloating patient can exercise his life naturally.

Patient needs irritable bowel syndrome use of certain medications available in pharmacies after consulting a doctor to make some important steps to change the lifestyle and food quality so feel better.

The best treatment of the law

Is to select the appropriate medication for the treatment of colitis according to the severity of symptoms and the patient’s health and age, where some suffer from the symptoms of simple to others with respect to the symptoms strong can cause other health problems.

Accompanied problem the colon the appearance of some health problems such as diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, colic, all these symptoms need treatment to minimize them and control them, and the most important drugs used in the following:

1 – medications fiber supplements

These medications are ingested with a sufficient amount of money as it works to cure constipation and stimulate digestion and facilitate the exit of waste products from the intestines, which helps soothe the colon, such as a drug slum.

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2. use laxatives

Using laxatives in case of failure of treatment by supplementation of the fiber where the doctor prescribes drugs such as magnesium hydroxide polyethylene to get rid of constipation and to facilitate the work of the intestine.

3 – drugs for treatment of diarrhea

Depends diarrhea of the unpleasant symptoms that accompany the infection in his colon, and in this case the doctor prescribes medications to treat diarrhea such as loperamide or culture or Colesevelam, or colestipol.

4 – pharmaceutical treatment of colic and

Know these medications are anti cholinergic which works to calm the stomach cramps and to treat colic and is of the symptoms associated with the law, such as medication medication to recycle.

5 – medications tricyclic antidepressants

These drugs work to treat symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression that accompany the problem of irritable bowel syndrome, where it helps to relax and calm the nervous system and reduce pain of the colon, and these drugs: fluoxetine.

6 – pain killers

These drugs are used to treat stomach ache and colic resulting from bloating and accumulation of gas in the stomach, such as pregabalin gabapentin.

Price Specification duspatalin medicine to treat stomach ulcers and inflammation of the colon and digestive tract

افضل علاج للقولون من الصيدليه ونصائح مهمة للعلاجThe best treatment of the law of Pharmacy and tips important for the treatment

The names of the months medication the colon

These drugs are used in treating the problem of irritable bowel syndrome direct impact on the muscles of the spastic colon and comfort her, and most important of these medications:

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– Medication Austin, and works to calm the muscles of the colon and preferably in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome which is accompanied by diarrhoea, but it is used for the treatment of the ladies lost, which can cause side effects unstable men.

– Medication elocon and helps to reduce the contractions of the colon and treats diarrhea and colic.
– Medication refuse, the medications which antibiotic works to kill germs and bacteria on harmful that cause diarrhea and vomiting.
– Drugs lubiprostone, a drug helps to increase the secretion of the fluids of the small intestine, which works to facilitate the exit of waste products from the bowel, which helps in the treatment of diarrhea.
– Drugs linked to, this medication medication strong anti for constipation but should be taken before eating a period sufficient so as not to cause diarrhea patient.

Price and specifications of the medicine Cologne tablets for the treatment of stomach cramps and disorders of irritable bowel syndrome

افضل علاج للقولون من الصيدليه ونصائح مهمة للاستفادة من الأدويةThe best treatment of the law of Pharmacy and tips important to take advantage of the drugs

Important tips for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

When treating the problem of irritable bowel syndrome using medicines the patient must change his lifestyle and follow a group of tips that will help make use of drugs, high efficacy, and the most important of these tips include the following:

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– Stay away from eating foods that cause a stir the colon such as spicy foods and legumes.
– Avoid the intake of carbonated and alcoholic beverages containing caffeine because it causes inflammation with the colon.
– Drink herbal soothing for the colon such as fennel, chamomile, mint and star anise.
– Stay away from eating foods rich in fiber because it works to increase the mobility of the colon which increases the contractions, cramping and colic.
– Stay away from foods rich in fats and fast food because they cause stress for the colon.
– Attention to the exercise of the sport as they work to revitalize the colon, improve digestion and help in the treatment of constipation.
– Drink sufficient amounts of water and natural juices that help in the treatment of constipation and facilitate digestion.
– Getting enough hours of sleep and relaxation and keep away from sources of anxiety and stress.

So the best treatment of the law of the pharmacy can be chosen after consulting a doctor and medical tests on the patient to assess the severity of his condition, with the need to adhere to are healthy protects the patient from complications and help to maximize the potential of medicines.

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