The best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids are

The best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids are through the website cart health many suffer from severe pain during urination, in addition to the possibility of the presence of blood accompanying it, where the divided anal fissure are two types of anal fissures acute and is usually lasts the pain out for a period not exceeding 6 weeks next to the possibility of his recovery at home.


Ointment to treat hemorrhoids without surgery

Know anal fissure that it is a cut or crack in the anal canal or in the rectum, due to the following:

  • Infection chronic constipation especially if the stool is too dry next to the large size of it.
  • You may encounter by women during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Exposure of severe diarrhea, which works to weaken the area of the tissue and anal fissure.
  • The presence of the spasm in the muscles of the canal of the anus, which leads to a difficulty in that during the exit of stools, thus causing the crack.

Ointment for hemorrhoids herbal oils

Can be treated cases the crack normal hemorrhoids at home without going to the doctor through the experience of one of the herbs of alternative medicine that helped to cure infections of the anal, where are as follows:

Aloe vera gel ” Aloe Vera”

Doctors advised the need to use the gel of aloe vera” Aloe Vera” thanks to its anti-inflammatory which works on pain relief.

Method of use:

  • Cut the aloe into strips and then use the gel.
  • Shows the gel of aloe vera on the area of the anus to them.
  • Repeat this method twice a day.

Tea bags red

Contains red tea the tannic acid which works to soothe and relieve tumor in the veins in the anus.

Method of use:

  • After use tea bags are placed inside the refrigerator until cool.
  • Placed cold tea bags on the inflamed areas for 10 minutes at least.
  • Preferably use three times per day.

Almond oil

Works almond oil to reduce the feeling and the desire of government in the area of the anus, and for its ability to soothe inflammation.

Method of use:

  • Dip a piece of cotton in almond oil.
  • Then hold it on the inflamed area network.
  • Be repeat this recipe daily so the individual will be cured.

The best treatment for hemorrhoids at pharmacies

May many patients fissure hemorrhoids to the use of some types of ointments effective force, in order to ease the pain and help the healing:

Ointment found to treat haemorrhoids

  • Helps in the treatment of pain resulting from the occurrence of the incision in the anus.
  • Get rid of the pain of hemorrhoids whether internal or external.
  • Treats infections in the anal area.
  • Advised to clean the anal area, and then applied its best twice a day.

Ointment hemorrhoids near

  • Works to reduce inflammation and treat internal hemorrhoids.
  • Relieves stress resulting from inflammation of the anal.
  • Expected topical ointment and analysis for ease of use.

 Ointment Lanos the the hemorrhoids

  • One of the best species that can be used to treat fissure hemorrhoids.
  • Containing on moisturizer to the body by its effective treatment.
  • Is characterized by containing ointment or suppositories at the drugs work to soothe and relieve pain.

You do with best ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids are we are pleased to receive any queries about medicines through the comment below the article.

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