The best milk for newborn babies 2020

The best milk for newborn babies 2020 through the Arabic site health essential food for newborn babies is mother’s milk, but if the mother is infected with some disease, either physical or psychological, here resort the mother to use the milk industry , but after consulting a pediatrician to determine the type of solutions appropriate to the age of the child so as not to cause no digestive disorders such as colic or distension of the abdomen.


The best milk for infants

Choose the best types of milk for children newborn to several specific criteria, namely:

  • The age of the child: different needs of the body of the child depending on the age group that passes by, the newborn needs to be elements and vitamins in different proportions on a year-old child or two.
  • The case of Child Health: mean difference of health status of the infant, it is possible that a baby born weighing less than normal, or deficient in a certain vitamin, or have some disease, you must address the type of milk into account these needs.
  • The susceptibility of the child to the doctor: and kiss the stomach and the body of the baby to the type of milk, it is possible to determine the GE of the child after a feeding, so you should choose the type suitable for digestive tract full.

The best milk for infants is recommended by doctors

Often doctors are advised to give the amount of homes depending on the age of the child, which are:

The first days of the birth of the child

  • Needs of the infant in the first days of his birth to 30 cm only of the milk, and gradually increases up to 90 cm from the best industrial milk.
  • You must know, sir, that the infant’s need to feed of formula every 3 or 4 hours throughout the day.

The first month until the fifth

Flourish per dose to 120 cm and every 4 hours throughout the day.

The previous month and above

  • Doctors advise to increase the dosage formula for up to 240 cm for 4 hours.
  • You will notice after each dose saturated baby sleep infant sleep deeply for a good time.

Best types of yogurt industrial in Egypt

You whether your baby’s doctor and therapist, even pointing you to the type of appropriate milk, and the best kinds of milk is appropriate for infants:

Milk hero baby

 Think milk hero baby of the best types of artificial milk for newborns, where available in pharmacies from day old up to three years, and features many of the useful components of the child such as:

  • Omega 3 – omega 6: helps in the development of contract support for newborns and the development of processes of perception he has.
  •  Fiber break: like by a large fiber found in breast milk, which help to alleviate the condition of constipation, gas, which injured the child as a result of eating milk industrial.
  • Nucleotides, working on the development of the immune system of the child, and prevents from diarrhea and bloating.

Baby milk loss

  • Also thought of the best preferred species because it contains vitamins from a succession of vegetables and fruits.
  • Features where its beneficial for the child or newborn, including acids, fats, non-saturated, areas, calcium and vitamins such as فيتامينC.
  • There is all the stages 1,2,3, the weight of his net worth is 400 grams.

Milk been

  • Contains a lot of nutrients, useful to support your child’s body.
  • The most important of these elements, omega-3, the areas, the unsaturated fats, iron, vitamins most notably vitamin A, C, D, next to a variety of nutrients.
  • Available with a weight of 900 grams, is available as a refill obtain L F for children who suffer from sensitivity to lactose.

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