The best medication for the treatment of stomach acidity and

The elements of the decision

So many people are looking for the best medication to treat knowledge as they relate to the problems many cause a person pain and discomfort.

Think the acidity of the stomach and feeling the energy of the most problems affecting a large number of people and produces about the return of stomach acid with some enzymes esophagus which what is scientifically known as GERD.

Determine the acidity of the stomach for many reasons, including taking certain medications or eating certain types of foods and drinks that affect the stomach acids and cause heartburn and poor digestion.

Need problems treatment until the patient feels comfortable and is able to exercise his life naturally without feeling pain and cramps in the stomach.

Cure stomach

When you feel problems in digestion and pain in the stomach must contact the doctor to detect and suggest medicines that suit the patient’s condition.
Taking into account the need to comply with the instructions of the doctor and the communities that happen to her and expedite the results where the treatment needs to a period of not less than two weeks until the patient feels better, with to consult a doctor in case symptoms persist for a longer time despite adherence to treatment.

One of the most important medicines for acidity of the stomach is antacid drugs, the main observations about these drugs are the following:

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– Antacid drugs help the patient feel comfortable fast.
– These drugs work to treat acidity in the stomach thereby reducing the problem of GERD.
– Must not be wasteful in the use of these drugs so as not to cause digestive disorders, diarrhea and kidney problems.
– Do not provide these drugs to healing of the esophagus affected by the increase in stomach acids.
– Of the most important medicines for fever medication cimetidine, omeprazole, lansoprazole, and peace.

Treating fever, severe herbal medicines

دواء سيميتيدين لعلاج حموضة المعدةMedication cimetidine to treat stomach acidity

Cure stomach medication anti anti-histamine

Can the use of immunosuppressive drugs anti-histamine to treat problems of the stomach, indigestion, and these drugs are as follows:

– Working anti-anti-histamine to reduce gastric acidity and treatment of this problem.
– Do not use in the treatment of problems of the esophagus resulting from the increased acidity of the stomach.
– Work on the inhibition of histamine which causes increased production of stomach acids after meals.
– Are you eating these drugs before meal half an hour at least.
– Can the intake of these drugs before bedtime reduce the production of stomach acids that cause the problem of GERD during sleep.
– These must be taken according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor and for limited periods should not be exceeded.
– If it exceeds the patient specific dosage can be exposed to some side effects such as colic, diarrhea, nausea, bloating and gas, dizziness and a runny nose.
– From the months of anti-nausea medicine which is used to treat problems of the stomach Famotidine onsite.

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Cure burning sensation stomach acidity and get rid of him permanently.

افضل دواء لعلاج المعدةThe best medication for the treatment of

Medications proton pump inhibitors

The best medication for the treatment of medications are inhibitory for the pump of Proton which is available without prescription, or prescription with a commitment to quality are identified, and these drugs are as follows:

– Control of these drugs on gastric secretion and to protect here that is causing GERD and acidity and congestion.
– These must be taken before eating meals full hour to even work effectively.
– These medicines help to protect the esophagus from damage caused by the stomach acids.
– Helps rapid healing of stomach, colon, and address the acidity of the stomach.
– Can cause some side effects if taken indiscriminately and at high doses such as diarrhea, nausea, headache, bloating, colic, gases, constipation and vomiting in some cases.
– From months examples of these drugs are esomeprazole rebel.

Treating the problem of stomach drugs empty it.

These drugs work on the emptying of the stomach quickly of waste products which helps in the treatment of pain and acidity, and the method of action of these drugs is as follows:

– Based medicines for gastric emptying by stimulating the muscles of the digestive tract to speed up the process of output.
– Prevent the survival of stomach acids for a significant time, which reduces acidity and reflux esophagitis.
– Help to strengthen the muscles of the esophagus to assess the problem of rising acid.
– Considered a medicine metoclopramide of of months of medicines used in the emptying of the stomach and addresses the protection and reflux esophagitis.
– You should use these medications with caution for cardiac patients because it can cause disorder in the heart rate.

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مغلي أوراق الكسبرة افضل دواء لعلاج المعدةA decoction of the leaves of the case the best medication for the treatment of

Tips to treat acidity

Can cure the problem of acidity by following a few tips, including:

– Divide the meals into small meals throughout the day.
– Stay away from eating fatty foods and vehicle durability.
– Eating a glass of cold milk after eating works to reduce the acidity of the stomach.
– Intake of active carbon helps to reduce acidity.
– Intake of a decoction of basil leaves with honey bee after meals treat acidity in the stomach.
– Intake of a decoction of the leaves cases after eating meals daily reduces the acidity and colic.
– Intake of a decoction of cumin is considered a sign of quick the acidity of the stomach can be added to food.
– Intake of a decoction of mint and star anise 3 times daily after meals treat fever and stomach cramps.

Is choosing the best medication to treat knowledge according to the symptoms that the patient suffers according to his state of Health and age that passes by, the doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment and the treatment plan which must be adhered to by the patient carefully until healing occurs and feel better.

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