The best medication cough and do household ways to get rid of them

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We show you today through the website of pharmacy information about cough medicines, the fact, or what is scientifically known as the cough is the way through which the body to clean the throat and the airway plus get rid of the bodies and the microbes and the mucus and different fluids that may enter the way non-reflex or even reflex, where irritating substances stimulate the nerve which sends a message to the brain, He says the making the muscles of the chest and abdomen and take out the air from the lungs through coughing in order to get rid of the article irritating and it is possible to be cured of the cases of cough automatically there are some cases that follow the roads home, or even medicines for cough, and through the website of the pharmacy we’ll get a week cough and what are the best home means that you can follow to get rid of cough in addition to the types of medicines that treat cough, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

اسباب الكحةWeek cough

Week cough

There are a range of reasons that lead to cough or the cough, and these reasons are as follows :

  • The Lord

The Lord considered one of the most common causes of cough in children this type of cough is characterized by B, it makes a whistling sound to be a teenager to cough often.

  • Chronic inflammation in the airways

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This inflammation is inflammation of the tubes of the bronchi and cause this inflammation and tightness in the airway in addition to the increase in the production of mucus is considered to smoking is the main reason and most common infection with bronchitis.

  • Whooping cough

This type of cough is one of the forms of infections that infect the respiratory tract has to be kids for many health problems because of whooping cough therefore care must be taken to get the kids to vaccination correctly ( scion triple bacterial ).

  • Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease

The problem occurs when the stomach acid to the top of the rate of transmission of the campaign and his rise into the esophagus instead of descending to the intestines, as this may result in injury to the nerves for the lower esophagus and therefore there may be adverse reaction is coughing.

  • Smoking

Think of more reasons that lead to the cough may be cough chronic.

  • Medicine

The cough may be one of the side effects that occur to the patient when taking medication, since there is a large group of drugs that cough is one of the side effects.

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يوجد بعض الخلطات المنزلية التي تساعد على التخلص من الكحةThere are some back home that help to get rid of cough

Home remedies for cough ( cough )

There’s a bunch of household tips that are preferably followed in order to treat a cough at home, and these tips are as follows :

  • Honey and lemon

This works home remedy to get rid of the inflammation in the throat plus it’s considered an effective treatment for those who suffer from dry cough.

  • Steam

Steam bath works to moisturize the respiratory side .

  • Herb ears bear

Possess this herb distinctive characteristics in resistance to cough and infections preferably used besides honey where the effect better.

  • Vitamin C

This type of vitamins of the most important types of vitamins that work to strengthen the immune system plus I have a great ability in the treatment of cough and can find this vitamin in many kinds of fruit such as oranges and lemon as well as in kale and red pepper.

  • Mint and ginger

Think this mixture is very useful to calm the cough.

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قد يصف الطبيب بعض الادوية لعلاج الكحة مثل المضادات الحيوية و الادوية المهدئة للاحتقانYour doctor may prescribe some medicines to treat cough, such as antibiotics and drugs sedative to celebrate

Medications for the treatment of cough ( cough )

  • Medication remover to celebrate

Drugs remover to celebrate the work on the mitigation of fraud and the way they work it’s working to alleviate the bulging tissue irritated plus it’s reduce the production of mucus, and wash your medications to remove the fraud be in the form of tablets.

  • Medicines, soothing cough and expelling phlegm

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Prefer to use this day especially before bedtime and in the case of cough was very severe, so much so that cough makes you feel pain in the chest area, it is considered a drug ( DEXTROMRTHORPHAN ) of more evidence of the famous work on the treatment of cough and expel phlegm.

  • Antibiotics

Is the use of antibiotics in case of infection and whooping cough, plus the cough that results from bacterial pneumonia plus bronchitis.

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We gave you through the site pharmacy information on the best treatments followed to cough ( cough), that’s where the cough has many reasons as we have mentioned through this thread but most of these reasons, gravity is smoking it is considered very harmful and cause many problems other than the problems of development, and therefore must follow the guidance health that vomits from coughing and the treatments that work get rid of this health problem …………….. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with information about different medicines through the the site pharmacy.

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