The benefits of vegetables for pregnant

فوائد الخضار للحامل

فوائد الخضار للحامل

Choosing the proper diet and health during pregnancy of the most important things for the passage of the pregnancy goes smoothly with a reduced incidence of any complication may be exposed to the mother or fetus, the presence of vegetables in this diet is indispensable not not it of essential nutrients important for the mother and her fetus. We in our article on the benefits of vegetables to learn about the many foods other important in pregnancy.

The benefits of vegetables for pregnant

During pregnancy it is important to maintain a healthy diet, for this you must choose the right type of food and eating quantity and at the right time. Anything that is not healthy can cause harm and lead to complications for both mother and child, the healthy diet rich with vegetables can help avoid complications such as gestational diabetes and inadequate nutrition, as they contain vitamins such as beta carotene, vitamin C andfolic acid.

It also helps eating green vegetables and also the child gain a healthy weight at birth, reduces the risk of anemia and controls the blood pressure, leads to weight gain health of the mother.

Vegetables should eat them during pregnancy

Talking about the benefits of vegetables for pregnant there are many vegetables that ensure your body continues to receive a permanent supply of nutrients, the list includes vegetables that need to be addressed during pregnancy include the following:

  • Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, B, C.
  • Beetroot, because it is rich in vitamins and fiber, it also helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • Sweet pepper is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.
  • Broccoli contains a high proportion of vitamin C, K, andfolic acid, as it is helpful in relieving constipation.
  • Green peas are also rich in vitamin C and K as well as fiber.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables, rich in fiber, carotenoids and folates.
  • Parsley contains a high percentage of protein, vitamin E and riboflavin.
  • Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and K and biotin.

The amount of vegetables during pregnancy

Complete talk about the benefits of vegetables to look forward to talk about the consumption of vegetables during pregnancy. Of likely to feel Woman need sex more than usual, so they provide the fetus with nutrients for the growth of it the rapid. Recommend eating small meals to avoid feeling hungry, it also helps to eat small meals frequently also relieve digestive problems, which are common pregnancy symptoms, while avoiding the consumption of canned vegetables.

It is recommended the consumption of approximately 500 grams of vegetables per day, can be consumed either Raw or cooked. Vegetables are a rich source of energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The holder can also eat supplements, but it can not replace vegetables, pills, alone, where you can not meet the need to the fiber via supplements.

Tips when eating vegetables during pregnancy

Care must be taken to wash vegetables well before eating, because in the case of eating vegetables without washing them well may lead to the occurrence of food poisoning, as it may contain some parasites called Toxoplasma gondii which lead to infection with toxoplasmosis.

What is the importance of fruits during pregnancy?

The fruits of the elements is also important and included in the diet to contain the elements necessary for the mother and the fetus, for example, you need the mother daily at least 70 mg of vitamin C during pregnancy. Can you get this amount of many fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and guava.

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What is the importance of calcium during pregnancy?

Talking about the benefits of vegetables for pregnant you must talk about the importance of calcium during pregnancy, the value of the most what you need of the mother during pregnancy, mother need to nearly 1,000 mg of calcium per day, also necessary for building bones and teeth and to maintain bones of the mother also. Calcium found in abundance in dairy products and of all their derivatives like yogurt and cheese and yogurt, so you need to eat dairy products to get sufficient amount of calcium for you and your growing child.

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At the end of our article about the benefits of vegetables for pregnant be, we know the benefits of vegetables and the quantities actually ingested for pregnant and discovered the benefits of some other foods to deal.

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