The benefits of Technology addition to the health sector

Digital transformation”, a word we hear a lot lately, and sprawled on the tongue of the majority of the government ministers simply means are doing

Relying on technology for the advancement of various sectors of the state and mechanization services, and this reflects the keenness of the Arab governments, and create works that concept

One of the important sectors that already need to rely on technology is the health sector, already owns the Ministry of communications and Information Technology, many efforts to support the health system in the Arab world. One of the aspects that is supported by e-health is the assistance to comply with the order of treatment and medication.


Therefore, as the representative from the application of


I would like to talk about our application recommended by most health associations in Germany among the many applications that can help patients with chronic diseases in compliance with the regime of treatment

Is MyTherapy

Free application does not contain advertising was founded in Munich, Germany, by a company


, Consisting of a team of technology enthusiasts relating to the health sector from all over the world, from ,the Middle East, Russia ,Gulf region, Italy ,Germany,China ,United Kingdom,India,Ukraine,Canada, Japan or Brazil

The app is completely free and includes ads, Google Play and in-store Apple translated into several languages in

“It’s an easy application and simple to use, the function of his home in the tickets medicines Tin be addressed, short or long-term.”In addition, you can track your symptoms, measurements, and various activities or appointments article



The user to get the report


At the end of each month, where it shows all the different measurements, which are taken by the activities carried out, in an orderly manner, to the doctor or the specialist to get an overview of the evolution of the patient since the consultation last

Another function provided by the


Which be very useful when you are control of treatment by the parents, is a function of the panel, allowing addition of the participation of two different within the app, so that, if the patient takes their medication, you will receive the mother and father, a reminder on their phones, allowing control and monitoring to be easier on everyone

In relation to data privacy


Does not share any personal data with third parties, thereby preserving the user’s privacy completely, which is due to the laws of strict data privacy applicable in Germany. In addition, you cannot use the app without registering, the only difference is that in the case of the cancellation of the application or change the phone, not registered, will be lost to the medicine or any recorded data.

We work with medical institutions that help us to continue improvement in order to see positive results on adherence to treatment, such as hospital Charité Berlin University or hospital Klinikim Rechts

In Munich

I encourage you to try it! If you want more information, don’t hesitate to visit our website,

Or contact us via e-mail we’re always happy to receive comments and suggestions

Greetings to all from Munich and the team


The entire.

Lily Talat

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