The benefits of saffron amazing for your health also



Think saffron of unique plants too, which are used for multiple purposes, where the use of the Ancients in medicine, as commonly used in Arab cuisine, because of its overwhelming importance, we’ll help you in this article to know the most important benefits of saffron and its effect on the body.


Thought the saffron of the spices expensive and, because of the difficulty of harvesting it, where it is used of the flower of the plant Crocus autumn purple, the workers say is making a considerable effort during the harvest, because the filaments are harvested manually and gently.

Benefits of saffron

The presence of saffron in the house as a precious treasure, due to the benefits of the saffron, which we will learn in detail in the following paragraphs.

1 – the benefits of saffron in the treatment of depression

Demonstrated some benefit supplements saffron in the treatment of depression symptoms mild to moderate, the study found that taking 30 mg of saffron per day, can be effectively depression medications such as allocation, the IEEE, the sector, although these studies may seem fairly good, except that there is a need for numerous studies prior to being prescribed as a treatment for certain depression.

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2 – the benefits of saffron in promoting libido

May help the saffron in increasing and enhancing sexual desire and strengthening have both male and female, where some studies have shown that the ability to reduce erectile dysfunction. Helps the saffron in increasing the libido in women and helps in increasing the lubrication of the vagina also.

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3. protection from heart disease

Studies show that the antioxidants in saffron may lower blood cholesterol, and thus may help in preventing the blockage of blood vessels and arteries.

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4 – the benefits of saffron in reducing blood sugar

May help of saffron in reducing the levels of sugar in the blood, it also helps in increasing insulin sensitivity.

5 – saffron to assess the eye and take care of it

It seems that saffron improves vision in adults who suffer from the disease of macular degeneration, but may help in the treatment of the affected eye also.

6 – saffron for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease



May improve saffron from memory in adults with Alzheimer’s disease, the antioxidants found to improve cognition in adults infected with Alzheimer’s disease.

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7 – rich in antioxidants

Contains the saffron on a variety of vehicles that make antioxidants, which are molecules that protect cells from stress. Free crocin and cost found in saffron are those responsible for the emergence of saffron red color. Has to be every two compounds the properties of the anti-depressant too, but has been playing saffron role in protecting brain cells from damage and may help in the treatment of infections found in bulk.

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Benefits of saffron and other

The presence of saffron in the house is indispensable, in addition to its benefits of the former, plays the saffron role in:

  • The Prevention of cancer.
  • Relieve the symptoms of PMS.
  • Dam of appetite and weight loss.

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Related topics

Damage saffron

Generally does not cause consumption of saffron significant risks, may affect the health of a person, where that eating up to 1.5 grams of saffron per day is safe in general, but eating too much of it can be toxic, so that 5 grams of it is possible to cause a condition of the settlement.

And dosing too high may be dangerous for some people, are you should avoid eating more than 5 grams a day of it, because it has a stimulating effect on the uterus, as to eat it in large quantities can cause allergic reactions.

Now after you have finished this article, you know the dear reader on the benefits of saffron for different?, the And I realized the importance of having saffron in your house?, the Share us what you think in the comments, and if you feel you need counseling, and you can consult one of our doctors here.

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