The benefits of quitting smoking for men

فوائد ترك التدخين للرجال

فوائد ترك التدخين للرجال

Smoking is a habit of negative habits in society in general and men in particular, in this article we will talk about the benefits of quitting smoking for men in particular, the most important steps that you must follow to quit smoking.

The benefits of quitting smoking for men

Smoking can really affect every organ in your body, the quitting smoking is the only thing that you are trying to do on your health from the harms of smoking and benefits of quitting smoking:

The treatment of sinusitis

Get rid of smoking is linked to get rid of a sinus infection, where there is a study published in the July 2017 in the Journal of Otolaryngology, found the researchers that cigarette smoking, is associated more with chronic sinusitis.

Lower risk of bladder cancer than the benefits of quitting smoking for men

Likely you’ve heard that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer in men especially when the debtors public, but it is also responsible for half of all cases of bladder cancer.

Doctors believe that when someone smokes, accumulate harmful chemicals in the urine, which leads to damage to the lining of the bladder – the organ that stores urine – can lead to cancer.

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Improving the sexual functions of the benefits of quitting smoking for men

Smoking can alter how the work of the sexual organ of man, it is directly linked with erectile dysfunctionbecause it affects blood vessels. Many of the male patients surprises them to hear it, but you should know that this is the truth, there is a need to flow enough blood to the penis to get hard erection, but the chemicals resulting from smoking can affect this process.

Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, men who quit smoking may improve significantly the symptoms of erectile dysfunction have, so dear reader, if you are suffering from this disease should stop smoking quickly improve this problem.

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The freshness of the skin and reduce the signs of aging

The benefits of quitting smoking for men, get skin smaller, and wrinkles less in the face, where the skin loses its elasticity due to cigarette smoking, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, and the benefits also reduce the chances of skin cancer, the greater the number of cigarettes the sooner your skin worse.

Smoking also increases also the chances of the person in the incidence of psoriasis, according to the Foundation National Psoriasis, in a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers found that this risk virtually disappears 20 years after smoking cessation.

If you stop smoking:

  • Get supple skin, and the skin young and free from wrinkles.
  • You will benefit whiteness of your teeth and their appearance bright.
  • Will the smell of self-control and get rid of bad breath.
  • Will increase your energy and your freedom.
  • Will you have the stress and psychological pressure.

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Tips can be followed

It may be quit difficult, but the benefits of quitting smoking for men especially and for all generally worth the effort, don’t put in the mind, saying it’s too late it’s never too late; because even if you can’t get rid of the disease completely, you can at least slow its progression, start to put some steps:

  • Put a program Line, Select the day you decide to get rid of smoking.
  • Ask for help from one’s relatives and friends.
  • Avoid situations that drive you to smoke.
  • The idea of the good in yourself and in the benefits of getting rid of smoking is that you will get.
  • Consult your physician to find natural recipes or medical to get rid of smoking.

At the end of the article and after that you know the benefits of quitting smoking men you must think repeatedly to get rid of this bad habit, and if you have any queries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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