The benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes

فوائد فاكهة الكاكا لمرضى السكري

فوائد فاكهة الكاكا لمرضى السكري

Many people believe that the Persimmon is not good for diabetics, is this true? You know with us dear reader on the benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes and other benefits do not.


Think Persimmon fruits sweet because they contain an abundance of sucrose and glucose, which is the fruit orange or reddish-brown color, be shaped tomatoes, small flat, is known to have a sweet flavor, and are also rich in phytochemicals known as tannins(tannin) which gives the fruit a bitter taste and dry, one must wait until the ripe persimmons to eat, but can be eaten immature.

The benefits of Persimmon

  • Working on the fight against cancer, as they contain antioxidant and anti-cancer that can enhance the body’s ability to resistance, they contain high levels of vitamin C and A, beta-carotene, andflavonoids which are considered as anti cancer.
  • Delay premature aging, it is rich with a large number of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, and beta carotene, two-colour, lycopene, come these vitamins are antioxidants in the body, which in turn can help reduce signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles.
  • Improve vision, some of the compounds found in khaki do not benefit the health of the eye.

The benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes

After you know the benefits of Persimmon, you know the benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes patients in particular:

Provide the body with force and energy

Containing persimmons on a large range of materials, beneficial fiber, and also contain a large number of elements necessary for the human body such as: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamins (B) and(A) and(C) which provide the body with the necessary strength.

The source of the strong antioxidant

They contain compounds such as carotenoids and flavonoids, these compounds reduce the risk of disease, including heart disease anddiabetes.

Improve the metabolism

Containing Persimmon on the elements of the vitamin B group and (B) such as: pyridoxine, and thiamine, which are essential elements in improving the metabolism and many processes, enzyme activity, metabolic functions throughout the body.

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Help in digestion

Because it is considered a good source of fiber, contains about 20% of the daily requirement in one meal, it also helps these fibers to processed food in a more effective way by adding bulk to the stool, stimulate the movements of food through the digestive tract, increasing the secretions of digestive juices, and relieve symptoms of constipation and diarrhea, thus considered as a significant strengthening of the digestive system which can protect the body from colorectal cancer and other similar diseases.

Help to lose weight

Come on fat absorption, which can cause obesity.

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Control your blood pressure

They contain potassium which works to lower blood pressure, thus blood flows to different parts of the body, and may help lower blood pressure, also in preventing diseases associated with cardiovascular.

Regulate the blood circulation in the body

Along with lowering blood pressure, containing Persimmon copper, an essential element in creating new red blood cells, without copper you cannot absorb many of the essential nutrients to make hemoglobin, the additional.

But diabetics should be careful of propagation in the eat so they can raise the level of sugar in the blood, but eating a small amount of it is able to supply the body with the benefits of great.

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The benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes in the region

Adopt Persimmon a source of vitamin C which works to strengthen the region, it contains the highest content of vitamin C which is ascorbic acid, with nearly 80% of the daily needs for useful.

In the end, dear reader, that you know the benefits of Persimmon in general and also the benefits of persimmon fruit for diabetes .. if you have any queries or advice you can consult one of our doctors from here.

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