The benefits of orthodontic

فوائد تقويم الأسنان

فوائد تقويم الأسنان

Some resort to the installation of the braces due to the presence of some irregular teeth in the jaw, whatever the cause of this problem can be solved, and we’ll talk about the benefits of orthodontics together, where it does not work on the organization of The Shape of the teeth only but not other benefits, we will learn together in this article.

What is orthodontics?

Is the branch of Dentistry interested in addressing problems relating to teeth and jaws, watch blanks, the teeth of the salient difficulties in closing the mouth, and also improve the risk of the letters.

Types of orthodontics

  • Treatment with metal braces.
  • Treatment with clear brackets.
  • Treatment with braces are fastened on the tooth from the inside.
  • Treatment by braces transparent and can be taken out of the mouth at any time.

To learn more about the types of braces, click here

The benefits of orthodontics

Protection from gum disease

Related to periodontal disease, as a result of not maintaining your teeth and gums and costs of the food with respect to them. The calendar to maintain appropriate distances between the teeth, and these distances quick cleaning effective between the teeth, and mouthwash to all the portions between the teeth, and not allowing Foods between these distances, thus avoiding the inflammation of the gums.

Protection from tooth decay

One of the benefits of orthodontics , where is that tooth decay results from bacteria that are deposited on the tooth enamel, the middle of some kinds of acids, leading to the erosion of tooth enamel, and access to parts of the deep of your teeth, and in this case, the calendar works to reduce the amount of bacteria and food that accumulate on the teeth, preventing bacteria from getting the nutrition necessary for growth.

Protection from tooth holes one of the benefits of orthodontics

Produces holes of the teeth of the arrival of bacteria to the deep places of the tooth, as a result of the accumulation of foods, food source for the bacteria. The calendar to reduce the distance existing between the teeth, thus preventing the accumulation of foods among themselves and makes it easy to clean and remove deposits.

The digestion of food

In the case of irregular teeth in your mouth, not the teeth in this case work to cut the food into pieces suitable in size for absorption, and therefore need to a longer time so you can digest food to its components of the core, and connect it to the intestine to absorb it, is the calendar on cleaning the teeth in the mouth, helping you chew the good food, thus you will feel your stomach later on your sentence structure to strengthen teeth, to minimize the time spent in the digestion of your food.

The benefits of Orthodontics in the protection from injuries

The teeth protruding from the mouth, especially in the upper jaw, related to the external environment, so more prone to accidents when you exercise such as or to stand on the ground, leading to broken and weak strength, then the orthodontist on the introduction of those teeth inside your mouth, protect from the accidents of the external environment of art.

Bone protection

Calendar works to prevent the growth of bacteria on the teeth, where bacteria work on the erosion of the layers of the teeth, it is possible to reach your bones also and erosion of the bone cells as a whole. Can orthodontics the deposition of bacteria on the teeth, so it prevents the access of bacteria to the bone.

Increase self-confidence

Beside the benefits of Orthodontic Health, there is psychological benefit, it is who doesn’t appear completely gorgeous smile and attractive in gatherings and social events? Calendar works to provide a nice view and decent to your teeth which makes your smile more radiant, therefore getting you feeling confident in your smile and yourself.

Maintain the dimensions of the mouth

Some people from problems in the dimensions of the mouth with the teeth, so your work calendar to modify the dimensions and maintained by:

  • You move the teeth into a better position to gums.
  • Work on correct breathing between the lips cover gums.

Adjustment of the bite non-performing of the benefits of orthodontics

This produces the bite of a mismatch of teeth and jaws together, leading to reducing the efficiency of chewing food, and strain the gums, leading to tooth loss.

To improve the pronunciation of the letters

Where the work calendar to maintain the dimensions of the teeth and gums, leading to improved risk letters.

In the end, after knowing the benefits of orthodontics , you can consult your doctor in case you want the calendar to treat any problem with your mouth or you can send your consultation from here.

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