The benefits of onions for diabetes

فوائد البصل لمرضى السكري

فوائد البصل لمرضى السكري

Of course we heard about the onion and its benefits, and through our next we’ll talk about the benefits of onions for diabetes and the other benefits of a healthy to the Prevention of cancer and other benefits that don’t count.

What do you know about onions?

Although all the vegetables are important for health, but some types offer distinctive benefits, and also of flowering plants which also includes garlic, these vegetables many of the vitamins, minerals and compounds that have proven to promote health in several ways.

In fact, it has been identified on the medicinal properties of onions since ancient times when it was used to treat diseases such as headaches andheart disease andinflammation of the mouth.

The cultivation of onions and use it in all over the world as a diet, it is presented in public stewed with vegetables, but can also eat it the intention or use for making pickles or sauces, be a pungent odor when it is cut, that’s because it contains certain chemicals cause irritation of the eyes.

What are the benefits of onions for diabetes patients?

There are many benefits of onions for diabetes, it helps to eat the onions in the sugar control in blood, which is particularly important for people who suffer from diabetes.

A study conducted on 42 people have diabetes of the second type that eating 100 grams of fresh red onions that may reduce the blood sugar levels during fasting, at about 40 mg/dL after four hours.

In addition, many studies have shown that conducted on animals, and that consumption of onions may benefit control blood sugar levels naturally.

Another study showed that mice with diabetes that feed on food containing 5% of extract of onion for 28 days, that there is a decrease in blood sugar during fasting, the proportion of fat in the body much less.

As there are some compounds found in the onion, compounds such as quercetin and sulfur, no beneficial effects to a patient for diabetes, for example, it turns out that quercetin interacts with some of the cells in the small intestine, pancreas, and skeletal muscle, adipose tissue and liver development in the regulation of blood sugar of the entire body.

Are there benefits other onions is the benefits of onions for diabetes patients?

The Onion has many benefits for heart health, it contains onions contain antioxidant compounds that mimic the area, and reduce triglyceride and levels of cholesterol in the blood.

All of that may reduce the risk of heart disease, may help their properties anti-inflammatory and also to reduce high blood pressure and protect against blood clots, Valerie is an anti-oxidant, and since it is anti-inflammatory; it helps reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure.

A study was conducted on 70 people suffer from high blood pressure, to a dose of 162 mg per day of extract of onion-rich in quercetin significantly reduce systolic blood pressure by 3-6 mm Hg, as it turns out, a decrease in the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

A study conducted on 54 women sources for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and that the consumption of large amounts of red onion raw (40-50 grams /day ) for eight weeks cause lower harmful cholesterol in the kidneys.

The benefits of onions for the Prevention of cancer

After identifying the benefits of onions for diabetes, we will have benefits for the Prevention of cancer, is linked to the intake of vegetables such as garlic and onion decrease the risk of certain types of cancer, including cancer of the stomach and colon.

Showed a review of 26 studies that people who ate the highest amount of these vegetables were less likely to 22% for the diagnosis of stomach cancer than those who ate less of them.

Moreover, it showed a review of 16 studies on 13333 someone that the participants who consumed the highest amount of onions was reduced their risk of developing colorectal cancer by 15%, compared to those who ate less.

And you should know dear reader that the onion countless benefits to fight diseases and must use it in your food orderly to maintain your health, and if you have a query you can consult one of our doctors here.

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