The benefits of medication to prevent pregnancy harms symptoms side

The elements of the decision

Many women use the medication to prevent pregnancy with the aim of family planning to postpone childbearing for a specific time period, as used to regulate ovulation and the menstrual cycle in some cases.

Medication contraceptive pill is available in two types to fit the need of health authorities, including the type of unilateral hormone that contain only progesterone and are used in cases of breastfeeding.

There is also a pill bilateral hormone and hormone estrogen and progesterone together.

These drugs increase the thickness of the lining of the uterus which hinders the adhesion of the ovum to the uterine wall does not occur on pregnancy.

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Reasons to use medication to prevent pregnancy

– Medicines are prescribed contraceptive and begin the MS. In the fifth day of the start of the menstrual cycle and continue taking it daily and regularly for 21 days.

– Stop eating grains until the descent of a new menstrual cycle, start the lady in the intake of the drug the same way as the previous.

– Be careful on taking the pill daily and regularly in the date fixed.

– If you forget the dose must be addressed immediately remember them with the use of an additional method of contraception such as condoms.

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– Be prescribed medication to prevent pregnancy for girls regulate ovulation and the menstrual cycle irregular.

– Is taking the pill to treat the problem of PCOS.

Needle contraceptive types and methods of their use and their benefits

فوائد وأضرار دواء منع الحملBenefits and harms of medication to prevent pregnancy

The most important benefits of contraceptive drugs

Think of contraceptive drugs medicines useful and effective in delaying childbearing and treatment of hormonal disorders, one of the most important benefits are the following:

– Help to prevent pregnancy and the percentage safety to about 99 %, provided certain regularity in eating.
– Help to organize the dates of the menstrual cycle.
– Work to reduce the pain associated with the menstrual period.
– Work on the treatment of bleeding of the menstrual cycle.
– Protects from cancer of the colon, intestines, ovaries, breast and uterus .
– Helps to cure rheumatic arthritis.
– Come and polycystic ovaries.
– Treat inflammation of the pelvis and vagina.
– Ladies can conceive after you stop taking it.
– Works to protect bone from fragility.
– Download the ladies of heart disease.
– Download the ladies of the anaemia it controls the menstrual bleeding.
– Help in treating the problem of acne.
– Help to cure the problem of excess hair.
– Come syndrome menstrual-associated symptoms, especially colic and headaches.

Contraindications to the use of contraceptive drugs

You should consult a doctor before using medication to prevent pregnancy, because there are many types of these drugs all of which not only fits all the ladies, where the selection of the appropriate type for each case in accordance with the vision of the patient, it is contraindicated the use of contraceptive drugs include the following:

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– Do not use the pill during pregnancy.
– Do not use grain bi-hormone during the period of breastfeeding.
– Do not use for heart patients.
– Do not use in cases of chronic migraine.
– Do not use in cases of bleeding of unknown cause.
– Do not use in cases of blood clotting.
– Do not use in conjunction with antibiotics because they reduce their effectiveness, such as penicillin.
– Do not use for patients with liver and kidneys.
– Do not use for patients with epilepsy, and is ingested in conjunction with drugs to treat epilepsy.
– Do not use in cases of tumors of the breast, uterus and ovaries.
– Do not use with drugs to treat the acidity of the stomach.
– Do not use with sedative drugs and sedative.
– Do not use with allergy medications, antihistamines and medications to treat headaches.

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دواء منع الحمل وفوائدهMedication contraception benefits

Damage caused by contraceptive drugs

Can cause medications to prevent pregnancy some of the damage, the most important being:

– The emergence of acne, and ending this problem with continue to use.
– Can cause sterility secondary because of the use for a long time.
– Long-term use of these pills may cause long-term cancer of the uterus and breast.
– Cause the appearance of pigmentations and patches of leather and Brown in the face and skin.
– Can lead to increase the weight when some of the ladies.
– Lead to high bad cholesterol in the body.
– High rate of blood pressure.
– Affected by renal function by.
– The occurrence of disturbances in renal function.
– Hormonal disorders in the body.
– Disturbances in sexual desire.
– Disturbances in hearing and vision.
– The occurrence of circulatory disorders.

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Side effects pills

Taking contraceptive drugs can cause side effects, including the following:

– Intestinal disorders and diarrhea
– Nausea and desire to vomit.
– The spread of acne skin and face.
– Vertigo and headache.
– Mood swings.
– Fatigue and exhaustion.
– Distention and pain of the breast.
– I said the amount of the menstrual cycle.
– Bleeding between menstrual periods.
– Pain in the abdomen.
– Numbness of the parties.
– Dizziness fainting.
– Reduction in muscle.
– Loss of appetite.
– Change the color of urine.
– Swelling of the limbs.

So the medication to prevent pregnancy is the pill is used contraception to postpone childbearing or to regulate the menstrual cycle and ovulation, they contain female hormones are ingested after consulting your doctor and may cause some damage or side effects, so must be ingested regularly and consult your doctor in case of any symptoms of strong or unbearable.

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