The benefits of fennel to the law and how to prepare the fennel to the law

فوائد الشمر للقولون

فوائد الشمر للقولون

Featuring fennel seed length and shape of her light green or brown, it gives the taste is similar with licorice. and the smell of the curry, and cooked these seeds or bake them or add them to desserts or even ingested as a drink, in some parts of the world, chewing on people, fennel seeds or regular envelope away after eating any meal, where it is believed that chewing fennel seeds helps digestion and prevents gas, keep reading to learn the benefits of fennel to the law and eat it.

The benefits of fennel to the law

Gives you a tablespoon (6 grams) fennel seeds dried about 2 grams of fiber, and the quantity of the daily recommended dietary fiber up to 25-30 grams, and the benefits of fennel to the law as follows:

  • Helping the fiber content in fennel prevent constipation and promotes regularity and digestive health.
  • In the case of injury Bstomach flu, the fibre helps to assemble watery diarrhoea and its treatment, which helps slow down and prevent bowel movements loose or liquid.
  • It may help to add fiber to your diet to relieve constipation, and gastrointestinal problems other that can cause gases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, and generally keeping things going properly in the digestive tract.
  • According to the review in 2016, containing ingredients available naturally in both plant fennel fennel seeds on the properties of antibacterial and antifungal infections, these characteristics may help in getting rid of bacteria that can cause invasive in cases of food poisoning or an upset stomach.
  • Fennel seeds reduce inflammation, this may help soothe the swelling or irritation of the intestines and colon and improve digestion.
  • Can the seeds of the fennel also help to relax the muscles in the intestines, which helps relieve constipation and help soothe the muscles in the stomach and intestines to reduce inflammation resulting from constipation or protection.

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How to prepare the fennel to the law

Containing fennel seed on the higher concentrations of oils of the plant fennel, which is why you’ll only need to use a teaspoon to a tablespoon (about 2 to 6 grams) fennel seeds dried in most recipes.

If you make tea from fennel seeds to exploit the benefits of fennel to the law you will only need about a teaspoon for any of these recipes:

  • Drag or grind the fennel seeds whole before being added directly to the cooking or tea, this helps to release more oil and flavor.
  • Add fennel seeds, roasted to your food to give him a sweet flavor similar to licorice.
  • Make a simple tea by crushing one teaspoon of fennel seeds and pour hot water on it.
  • Add a tablespoon of seeds on any of the baked goods before inserting the branch.

You can also try fennel seeds are available in capsule form, but we advise you to consult the doctor first before trying any of these recipes great precaution to make sure that the fennel is appropriate for your medical condition.

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Hit fennel

The benefits of fennel to the law many, people safe when taken by mouth in moderate amounts and when you add it to the food in reasonable quantities, as it is fit to implement it at appropriate dosages for a short time.

Creams fennel is also safe when applied on the skin, and there is insufficient evidence to know whether fennel is safe when it is used as a medicine for longer periods of time.

Despite the scarcity of side effects for people, they include upset stomach, intestines, as has been reported for the spells related to download the essential oil company.

People who are allergic to plants such as celery and carrots, they may be vulnerable to a serious allergic reaction to fennel also.

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How can the company that makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and makes it easy exposure to sunburn.

Although the benefits of fennel of the law outweigh its side effects, however, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before introducing any natural herb to your diet as a preventive measure; and for more information about the benefits of fennel to the law you can consult one of our doctors here.

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