The benefits of fennel for babies may suffer colic babies!

فوائد الشمر للرضع

فوائد الشمر للرضع

Many of the ladies they effectively fennel to treat infant colic or to reduce the symptoms for some time at least, but how true is this information? Know with us on the benefits of fennel for babies and communities that may fit your baby through this article.

Infant colic

Before mentioning the benefits of fennel for babies here’s the definition of the situation that may lead you finally went to the police; infant colic is a health condition somewhat vague, so apply this term to any baby is healthy and well-fed web more than 3 hours per day, more than 3 days per week, for more than 3 weeks, here’s what we know about him:

  • Likely to start colic at around the age of two weeks (if your baby is born on schedule, or later if your baby is born before its time).
  • Always go colic on his own after 3 or 4 months.
  • The sex of your child and the manner of his birth, type of feeding whether it is natural or synthetic does not affect this case.
  • Children who were colicky infants do not differ from those who were not injured in any thing.

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The benefits of fennel for babies

As we mentioned before, infant colic is a condition which leads to your newborns unreasonably for hours, and there is no known cause for colic, but it can put enormous pressure on parents.

Study has found in Russia that fennel seed oil may reduce the severity of the colic, where the results were measured by the number of hours your infant, which fell by a quarter.

Can give the seed oil of fennel to ease colic in infants beginning from two weeks to 12 weeks.

Also, explained one study that children who are breastfed suffer colic and who have received a particular combination of multi ingredients contains fennel, lemon balm, andGerman chamomile, it was observed that they are crying for a shorter time than other children who suffer from colic.

In addition, it can lead to give the draft fennel,chamomile , barley, licorice andmint to reduce the severity of colic in infants.

But remember that you consult the pediatrician before taking advantage of the benefits of fennel for babies before giving your baby any natural herb as a preventive measure, in order to avoid any side effects may occur.

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فوائد الشمر للاطفال الرضع

فوائد الشمر للاطفال الرضع

While breastfeeding may be the fennel is safe, it has been reported from injury to the baby after breastfeeding damaged in their nerve after I drank that herbal tea containing fennel.

But products fennel is likely safe when used in appropriate doses by young children for the treatment of colic for up to one week.

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Although the use of fennel as a remedy for not baby is common but it may not suit your child for some reason or another, so be sure to consult your doctor before giving your child any drinks herb, for more information about the benefits of fennel for babies you can consult one of our doctors here.

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