The benefits of damage the ring for adults and children and pregnant women

The elements of the decision

Will talk this time via the website of the pharmacy for a damage ring, this herb is Yellow which belong to the faction folate are legumes and are grown in the lands of the Middle East, India and North Africa, used in the treatment of a large number of diseases especially burns, ulcers, skin diseases of the cardiovascular system, arteries, but wasteful to eat them cause some damage, side effects gas level, and should be avoided for some patients, this is the focus of the following lines.

Damage the ring

The ring has many benefits and address many diseases, but with the not a range of damages including the following:

• Excessive intake of fenugreek cause an inflammation in the stomach cramps, disorders in the digestion and diarrhea.

• Prevents the intake of fenugreek for patients with hypothyroidism, because it causes disturbances in hormones.

• Intake of fenugreek can cause bleeding, especially during menstruation.

• Cause the ring in the issuance of the unpleasant smell of sweat and urine.

• Influence of the ring on the body’s absorption of iron which may cause anemia.

• You should not eat fenugreek for young children under the age of two years because they cause diarrhoea, anaemia.

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• Cause the ring feeling sick and vomiting.

• You must not excessive intake of fenugreek for diabetics because they cause a decrease the proportion

Level in the blood, which leads to intense sweating and coma especially if it is ingested

In conjunction with diabetic medications.

• Containing the ring on the material of Kumar, which causes bleeding and clotting.

• You should not eat the ring for anyone suffering from osteoporosis.

• Don’t eat the ring in conjunction with drugs to treat blood clotting.

• Cause the ring in poor digestion, bloating and gas.

The benefits of drinking the ring assembly and the ability of sexual men

اضرار الحلبة وفوائدهاHit the ring and its benefits

Damage to the ring for the

• You should not eat fenugreek during the period of the menstrual cycle because it causes increased bleeding and anaemia.

• You should not eat fenugreek during pregnancy because they cause birth defects.

• Eat fenugreek during the first pregnancy cause miscarriage and bleeding.

• Eat fenugreek during the last months of pregnancy can cause bleeding during and after childbirth, endangering the life of Mr. risk has been escalated to anaemia.

• Address the need the ring cause cramps and contractions of the uterus which causes the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

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• Do not use during breastfeeding because they cause the change of the smell of milk which makes the child run out of feeding.

The ring to its benefits and multiply them

اضرار الحلبةDamage the ring

The benefits of fenugreek

Despite the talk of damage to the ring , however, must development the many benefits that can be obtained from this grass, provided it’s not over-addressed,

One of the most important benefits of fenugreek include:

• The holder can fit the ring in the ninth month only in limited quantities because they help the contraction of the uterus which facilitates the process of natural childbirth.

• Help the ring on the treatment of muscular spasticity.

• Intake of fenugreek helps in strengthening the immune system.

• You can eat fenugreek for diabetes associated with as they work to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood, but should consult a doctor first.

• Come ring the problem of the high proportion of harmful cholesterol in the body, which makes her assessment of arterial disease and stroke.

• Using fenugreek topically on the fire places to treat and remove raised.

• Use the rink during follow the diet because it helps burn fat especially in abdomen, and buttocks.

• Use the ring in the treatment of cough and expel phlegm.

• Help ring in the treatment of sexual weakness in men because they say blood circulation.
• Use the ring in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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• Help ring in the treatment of obstructed urine because it works on diuresis.

• Fenugreek is useful in the treatment of constipation because it is a natural laxative will help to facilitate the exit of waste.

• Fenugreek decrease appetite and help to reduce excess weight.

• Help the ring to expel salts and excess water from the body.

• Working the ring on the expulsion of kidney stones and get rid of them and prevent the formation of new ones.

• Treat sore throat.

• Treat chapped and dry skin.

• Used in the mask of the skin to treat grain and techniques.

• Used on hair to treat dandruff and the process of layering.

• Protect from cardiovascular diseases and stroke and stroke.

We have provided you damage the ring that can be avoided and take advantage of their many benefits from

By adhering to downloaded to limited quantities, not over-development, with consulting

Physician before use by the owners of chronic diseases, especially thyroid, diabetes,

With the need to pay attention to not give to young children and pregnant women because they cause

Zhou embryos abort and mandate early.

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