The benefits of calves to

فوائد العجوة للحامل

فوائد العجوة للحامل

Enjoy the rich natural surfactant so many people believe they may not be good for them however they are filled with nutrients which makes it an excellent snack, and enjoy the grow on the date palm in small bunches and many farmers enjoy in the fall and early winter so it is usually the date fresh this time of year, however many people eat dried dates or calves of known phase to deal and in general, know the benefits of calves to deal through this article.

What are the benefits of calves to handle?

Energy saving

During pregnancy need a lot more power than usual and eating calves every day will increase the sugar required besides the other nutrients found out.

Relieve constipation

Because the calves are a rich source of fiber, they maintain a healthy digestive system and help ease the constipation associated with pregnancy and the belly full and reduce cholesterol levels and help maintain a healthy weight.

Helps in the Prevention of birth defects

Calves are a good source of folate and folate birth defects relating to the brain and spinal cord, the World Health Organization recommends supplementation of folic acid and eat foods rich in folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent congenital disabilities such as cleft lip.

The provision of vitamin K for the baby

Children are born with a low level of vitamin K which helps blood clotting, bone development, if the mother is use your calves during and after pregnancy lost the child gets the amount of this vitamin through breast milk.

Contains iron

Of benefits of the calves to contain iron may help in the Prevention of anemia during pregnancy, and keeps the iron on the hemoglobin in the body and strengthens the immunity of the body and the fetus.

Bones and teeth when the child

Is magnesium metal is another essential because it helps in the formation of teeth and bones when the child, as it regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and help the calves in the Prevention of magnesium deficiency in pregnancy, which may increase the risk of high blood pressure , chronic andpreeclampsia and impaired function of the placenta andpremature birth.

Ways of food use dates

  • Dates stuffed: people stuffing dates with meat or cream cheese or peanut butter for a snack.
  • Authorities: calves or dates provided an excellent addition for ladies.
  • Smoothies: combine the dates in the juice of the banana adds a natural sweetness and nutritional value extra.
  • Stew: the taste of dates is wonderful in stews and Moroccan.
  • Energy balls: can people mix the dates with nuts or cranberries or oats or coconut flakes or a variety of other ingredients to make what is called energy balls.

People can store heifers fresh in a box sealed in the refrigerator for several months or more in the freezer, nor should persons eating dates which has a sour smell or be solid or contains sugar crystallized on its surface, might suggest these tags that override the completion date, and after that you know the benefits of calves to handling and food use dates know the damage frequent intake of calves.

Related topics

Damage to eat a lot of calves

Containing calves on a very high percentage of sugar compared to the rest of their nutritional value, and people who are trying to regulate the level of sugar of their blood such as diabetic patients pay attention to the total sugar intake when eating veal, but eating calves in moderation is unlikely to raise blood sugar in a person excessively even if they have diabetes, according to one study intends to adhere to food low glycemic index and does not lead to a significant increase in blood sugar in people with diabetes or without.

Now, dear readers and that you know what are the benefits of calves to handling at the end of this article we wish you continued health and wellness

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