The benefits of black tea for prostate, diabetes,

The elements of the decision

Learn the benefits of black tea for the body in general, as well as its multiple benefits for the role of his big fight and resist cancer and prevent and resistance to digestive disorders, more about the benefits of black tea.

The most important benefits of tea

It is known that the black tea of the most popular beverages consumer, but it’s the title of hospitality in the habits of much of the world, and indeed tea and all kinds of black and Green is very useful for taking into account the number of multiplication or eat it after the completion of the food directly.

Know the complications of diabetes.


  • Black tea from natural substances that work to reduce stress overall, reduce stress hormones, due to the ratio of caffeine a substance known that works to relieve anxiety and tension and stress.
  • Also works in black tea reduce the level of the hormone course.
  • Not only that, but black tea works to increase the activity of alpha cells in the brain that work to remove the anxiety and stress thanks to the substance theanine.

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فوائد الشاي الاسودThe benefits of black tea

Black tea to

  • It is known that black tea has many of the materials and antioxidants as well as other materials N A materials all work to maintain cardiovascular health.
  • It also prevents eating a cup of black tea daily injury and ischemic stroke.
  • Black tea reduces greatly the incidence of myocardial perfusion and coronary artery diseases such as heart attacks.
  • It also works with black tea to lower triglycerides sugar glucose in the blood.

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Blood pressure

Working black tea reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and thus reduce the incidence of renal failure and vision loss .

Resistant to cancer

  • Black tea is the most natural material rich in catechins that fights free radicals causing cancer, as the black tea is a major source of flavonoids enhanced the health, which prevents cancer.
  • It is worth mentioning that, according to medical studies, the increased intake of flavonoids found in black tea work to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • As to black tea thanks to the substances to stop the growth of cancer cells in the ovary.

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  • Black tea anti significantly highly antibacterial, thanks to the phenolic compounds and improvements existing in the tea.
  • As tea works on the case of some types of bacteria and promote the growth of good bacteria and discourage the growth of bad bacteria.
  • I found one of the medical studies that black tea works to kill the bacteria causing germ on the famous.

Black tea and diabetics

I found many medical studies Western that black tea is linked to the reduction of diabetes of the second type, i.e., eating at least 3 cups of black tea reduces the incidence of Type 2 diabetes .

Black tea and cholesterol

  • Tea the materials of orphanhood reduced cholesterol negative or harmful.
  • There must be interaction between the two types of cholesterol which is the good, it is input-greasy, high-density liver.
  • Or bad cholesterol it is on the contrary convey the low density lipoprotein to the cells throughout the body, and therefore increases the likelihood of leakage within the inner walls of blood vessels.

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Black tea and the digestive system

Some medical research that black tea works to alleviate the disorders of the stomach significantly.

  • And specifically if you suffer from a disorder in the exhibition areas, where black tea on the substance of the following statements that operate on a catch intestinal lining thereby calming the disorders and infections of the stomach.
  • In the case of diarrhea, the black tea works on the sign of drought, but it must be the tea a little caffeine, and effective for the treatment of diarrhea in the age group of two years to twelve years.
  • But black tea treated acute diarrhea is bacterial and not diarrhea resulting from bacterial infection.
  • While it is always recommended to download the Young Lions especially for the treatment of diarrhea solo i.e. without the extra milk, or any material proportion of calcium because they decrease its absorption in the body.

We have provided you a variety of information about the benefits of black tea of Public Health for the heart and arteries, but in the end, the good things Central that that not overdo the intake of black tea .

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